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#1 New unbound ability on Sat Mar 24, 2012 11:21 pm


( Yeah, this probably needs a bit of work, I wrote it at 4 in the morning. I decided to make this because some people's stat boosts are quite unfair - like, going from +0 to +100 instantly. Then there's tier jumping. I'm rather willing to edit this quite a bit, because I don't even remember half of what I wrote for it, but I remembered it today and thought I may as well post it and see what happens. )

New Unbound Ability

Name: Abyssion Soul Flare
Descrption: This power may ONLY be used in Divus's unbound form.

When Divus faces a foe who possesses the ability to greatly alter their level of power, he may call upon The Abyss for help. In doing so, however, he will sacrifice a great deal for a short period of extreme power that will match the power that the enemy gained. The sole purpose of this power is to put Divus on an equal level with his foe and allow him to defeat someone who can gain an absurd amount of power as a result of their abilities. However, he cannot attack anyone besides this primary target while using this power.

First, Divus's entire body is augmented with powerful Darkness. This is not energy. all the eyes on Divus's Unbound form turn black, with glowing red slitted pupils. His skin, also, goes from a dark greyish typical of his Unbound form to a bright perfect white. His wings, also, will regrow their feathers.

Once infused into Divus's flesh, this Dark essence allows Divus to temporarily fight beyond his limits, and grants Divus power equal to that which his foe gained. The effect, however, is temporary and has extreme drawbacks.

This power may only be activated under the following conditions.

1. An enemy, any enemy, or anyone in the presence of Divus, has gained a stat boost greater than 30 points to any and/or all stats total. It does not matter if this is all at once, or if the boosts are separate. This may be from an ability, release, or any method that boosts stats regardless of what it is or what it does.

Also, if the opponent increases their tier as the result of a special boost, release or effect, then this ability is activated as long as the boost increased their stats by more than 30 points. (Jumping up two tiers, for example, would activate this power)

( For example, say someone has a power that adds +50 to all their stats for whatever reason. Once they use it, this power will be activated.

Also, if someone's release stat boosts add up to any number higher than +30, then this ability also activates.

Also, let's say someone uses their boosts separately. Let's say it's 10 + 10 + 10 + 15. It does not matter if they were all used in separate posts, as long as their TOTAL stat boost equals more than +30. This would also trigger this ability.

2. Divus is in his Unbound form. The amount of posts he has left in Unbound form does not matter. If he is not already in his Unbound form, then as long as condition #1 is still met this power will activate automatically the very same instant Divus activates his true form.

If at any time these conditions are met, this ability activates. This is done automatically, Divus does not have to do anything, and this will happen without his consent; it operates in a manner similar to instinct. It does not matter if any or all of Divus's senses or abilities are disabled. This power will still work.

First, all 'status effects' are removed from Divus, This could include reiatsu sealing, bakudo, illusions, and any others. Divus will also regain any senses that were disabled. However, poison is not effected for some odd reason, but it will no longer be fatal or crippling to Divus (fairness).

Divus remains immune to the status effects mentioned above until the duration of this power is over.

Once this ability is active, Divus's Unbound and True form stat boosts are nullified. He no longer has them. Instead, he gains a stat boost equal to whatever the enemy's was but +10 to whatever they had. Did somebody get +35 to all their stats? Divus will have +45. Was it +50? Divus will receive +60. Divus's stat boost from this power will always mimic the boost of the person this power is targeting, except his will be only slightly stronger than theirs.

However, Divus will not mimic any disadvantages the enemy's stat boost may have given them. Let's say they lose their boost after 10 posts and their stats lower after their boost is over. This power will deactivate one post after their stat boost goes below +30, but Divus will not have any of the negative effects the enemy's stat boost would inflict upon them.

Additionally, this power prevents anything from modifying Divus's stats besides the stat boost this power gives him. Divus's stats may not be lowered while this power is active, and cannot be effected by any other abilities. Additionally, Divus may not lose consciousness while using this power.

Aside from the mimic stat boost, Divus's unbound form limit greatly increases. As long as this ability is active, it changes to 20 posts. But once this time is over, this ability deactivates and Divus is stuck in High Psychic Stress mode for ten posts, greatly reducing his power.

Additionally, the following Unbound Techniques are modified:

Instant Forced Regeneration - No longer reduces Divus's remaining Unbound post time limit by two posts. Instead, however, it has a 4 post cooldown. Additionally, Instant Forced Regeneration no longer weakens Divus's abilities after being used.

The Disaster - No longer reduces Divus's remaining Unbound post time. However, it may only be used 2 times in a 10 post period, which means 4 times in a 20 post period. The Disaster may only be used once per post and has a one post cooldown.

Also, Divus may push the duration of his Unbound form while this ability is active to 40 posts instead of 20. However, if he does this, he will be in Psychic Overload for 10 posts after the duration is over. Additionally, after the duration of his Unbound form is over or when this power deactivates, Divus's stats will temporarily be reduced by 1/4th of the mimic boost he received. So if he mimiced someone who had a stat boost of +100, all of Divus's stats would be reduced by -25 for 5 posts. This stat reduction effect is temporary only and lasts 5 posts. After this, Divus's stats return to normal.

Once this power has been used Divus may not use his Unbound or True form for the rest of the thread. The only exception is if someone uses a stat boost more than +30 again. Then, in which case, Divus may use his true and unbound form and this ability activates again. However, he may only use his true form to turn into his unbound form, and the duration of his unbound form will only be 3 posts. This will happen regardless of whether he is in High Psychic Stress or Psychic Overload and will temporarily remove High Psychic Stress or Psychic Stress overload while he is in Unbound form. This will continue until the person who has the stat boost that is more than +30 either stops using it, or is defeated, killed, or otherwise rendered unable to fight.

Additionally, if Divus is fighting multiple opponents who are using a stat boost greater than +30, then his mimic stat boost granted by this ability will automatically target the highest stat boost.

However, there are some drawbacks to this ability:

1. This power targets the person who has gained the highest stat boost that is over +30. That means Divus targets the person with that highest stat boost - no one else is important. Divus will attack ONLY that person.

2. Although Divus will focus almost entirely upon his primary target while this power is active, anyone who interferes with him fighting this primary target will be attacked until they either stop interfering or are no longer able to interfere. However, once they cease to interfere, Divus will immediately go after the primary target (the one with the highest stat boost).

3. Allies will be targeted if they use a stat boost greater than +30. This version of Unbound Divus shows no mercy. It is not designed to be used in the presence of allies.

Divus cannot ignore these effects and changes in his behavior, and must abide by them.

#2 Re: New unbound ability on Sun Mar 25, 2012 4:00 pm


How many abilities does divus have. The limit is 12 and this may be denied by other staff.

#3 Re: New unbound ability on Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:11 pm


I have 4 unbound abilities

#4 Re: New unbound ability on Tue Mar 27, 2012 7:30 am


Sorry Divus but this is definitely denied.

It is described that Divus calls upon the abyss for help implying choice but then it flips and says it's automatic and instinctual.

The main problem though is that this technique is just a 1-uper plus godmod immunity to all status ailments. It also gives a big boost to how long you are able to maintain your unbound form.

One can argue this is counter balanced by the high psychic stress/overload side effects but with all this power if you can't kill an opponent in 20-40 turns I'd honestly be shocked.

The very concept of a 1-uper power is declined in my book, even more so if it grants a ton of nifty side perks.

#5 Re: New unbound ability on Tue Mar 27, 2012 7:32 am


This is only activated when someone uses a massive stat boost.

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