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on Wed Mar 21, 2012 1:09 am


Hollow Blood Transfusion
Hollow Blood Transfusion, unlike the name depicts, actually has nothing to do with the aspects of blood. Rather, it involves an advanced art of mixing together hollow energy and techniques with the techniques and power held under the thumb of a Shinigami. This can only be used by Vizards, as they are the only race able to tap into the powers of both races to such a degree. The changes and limits to this vary from combination to combination. They can be as simple as putting the hollow energy from a person’s mask into a kido or energy technique used by the zanpakto to change its power to a higher degree, with the addition of a slight change to appearance. Or they can be as complex as actually using something like cero in conjunction with kido to amplify both techniques into one destructive blast. Some examples of such are as follows. ( Note, these are just examples. They are not additional techniques. The Hollow Blood Transfusion can only fise techniques already known by the user. Be it kido, zanpakto arts, or otherwise.) A person of 0-5 and up can even use this without their mask, though the efficiency of the techniques is reduced substantially (360 rei control). At 0-4 this is reduced, but still lowers the techniques to roughly 2/3rds power (390 rei control). 0-3 can use 3/4ths of their power without their mask on(420 rei control). 0-2 and up can use the techniques at full efficiency ( 450 rei control)

Flash of Sound- The mixed technique of both Shunpi and Sonido. By putting the high-speed movement technique of both hollows and shinigami together, the user is able to tap into the Flash Of Sound technique. This, like the former two, is an ability used to quickly get from point A to point B. Though, unlike the former, it is much more efficient. Not only is the Flash Of Sound 1.5x (Same as the shunpo/spnido of a person one tier higher) as fast as the former two techniques, but it allows a greater amount of distance to be traveled with each use of it. Though, as one could conclude, it does cost more spiritual energy than either of the two former skills. Not by a substantial amount though. To an estimate, it would be safe to use this once a post without losing that much energy, Though, it can be used more, but that will cause the user to become fatigued much faster than normal. While in use, the target will not be able to track the users movement albeit pesquisa or other sensory arts due to the high speed of the user.

Chamber of Crimson Shadows- The Chamber of Crimson Shadows is an altered version of the powerful hado 90, black coffin spell. The spell is initially performed the same as the former, but as the box forms, it is of a dark red tint instead of the former black shade that made up its form. This coffin will form much faster than the former, closing entirely in a fraction of a second. The following part of the spell acts as it normally would at first, dozens upon dozens of spears slicing apart anything inside of it. Only instead of simple lacerations, these spears will stay inside of a target’s body. These spears are made of a cero-oriented energy that will cause the inside of the coffin to be lit in a bright red light, unlike the shadows of the former. These spears then explode with the destructive force of a cero while inside of the targets body, ripping hem apart from the inside out under normal conditions. The coffin is shattered under the force of the explosion, causing a small amount of the energy to flow outward, rather than implode entirely like the former.

Binds of Blood- This is a fusion between the cero technique and bakudo number nine, Geki. The user will firs use a cero like it were a normal attack. However, it will not cause any physical damage on contact with an object, nor will it explode at first. The cero aims for the opponent, aiming to splits around them and surround them in a cloak of the cero’s energy. This cloak will kepe the target paralyzed like geki, but to a much more powerful extent. When the kido is broken, the cero will explode as normal while encasing the target, causing the same damage as a point-blank cero.

Path Of Passage- By fusing the techniques of the Senkaimon and Garganta, a new ability is developed known as Path Of Passage. This appears as a blackened gate way, taking the shape and texture of a senkaimon, but the color and spiritual energies of a garganta. This tear through space allows the user to move through any dimension to access another. It is not limited to just the Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and Earth like the former techniques. It is on a level that can even reach down to Hell and other pocket-dimensions.

Hellfire Sokatsui- A augmented version of the Sokatsui and Soren Sokatsui spell. This does not actually fuse a hollow technique with the spell, but just adds hollow-esque energy to it in order to augment its power. Hellfire Sokatsui is a rather large blast of concentrated red flames. The fire, unlike the former teal or light-blue, is a crimson red, looking more so like real fire. The power is essentially just 1.5x that of the former techniques. The fires will be able to linger for a time after the technique as well. If a target were to be engulfed by the attack, the flames would still remain on their body, burning until the end of their next post.

Chain Reaction- This is the hollow-alteration to bakudo 61, six bars of light. It is performed the same way at first, but upon its use, a black light will encase the user’s fingers. Instead of six giant bars, hundred and hundred of smaller bars will appear around the target, aiming to stab into their body and fully paralyze them. In total, there is 100 bars of light. 15 aimed for each main limb, 15 aimed for the target’s back, 15 aimed at their chest, and ten aimed at their neck. These bars are much quicker to enclose around a target and carry twice the binding power as the former.

Trial by lightning- Trial by lightning is the altered version of hado 4 byakurai when mixed in conjunction with hollow energy. The shot of lightning shot from the finger is a much darker blue in color, looking more like normal lightning now than the former. The attack is not meant for a single impalement like the normal attack. This is more refine and made to be moved while it is fired, in term slicing a target deeply from a far instead of just making a hole in their body. For example, if a person were to move their finger downward while it was initially pointed at the target’s neck, the lightning would flow with the movement and strike a target in that same downward motion, making a deep singed burn in their body. This is not any stronger than the former normal kido, but is 1.5x faster and can be more easily controlled, shown by how it is used to do more than a single hole in a target’s body.

Reversed Release- This is unlike the other skills possible by the Hollow Blood Transfusion skill. This is using shinigami energy to augment the power of the hollow instead. The power of the hollow is fused into the zanpakto, causing the blade to become much sharper and gain a small change in form. While active, this will cause hollow mask materials to run down the exact center of the blade, acting like a spine. This allows the use of cero from the zanpakto at a much stronger level; than normal. The cero can be manipulated to the blade’s form as the user wants, going from tasks like firing a arced cero from the base of the weapon to causing a small layer of hollow energy to encase the blade and augment its cutting power even further, causing damage two tiers higher than a normal strike by the user. The cero used in conjunction with the zanpakto are much faster and stronger than the normal variation. They also retain a unique color, unlike the common red cero most vizards share. While this aspect of Hollow Blood Transfusion is active, the cero energy will appear as neon green.

The fourth Wall- This is a mix of the bakudo 81 spell danku with hollow energy used to augment its efficiency. The normal danku barrier is replaced with a giant door, the door coming from the ground at first with the doors open. Once an attack draws near them, the doors close instantly, several seals engraved on the doors. The bakudo spell is strong enough to block hado on a massive level, being able to nearly block hado 96 from a person of the same tier. ( It blocked hado 88 normally, so 8 levels higher shouldn’t be that big a deal). It will reduce the damage of hado 96 to a miniscule amount of damage compared to how much it normally inflicts When the door is destroyed, the seals written on it will use the excess energy from the attack that slammed into it to send out a small blast of energy to counter the remainder of an attack or send a small portion of the enemy’s own attack back at them. ( 1/10th power)

Perfect Sensory- A mix of the hollow pesique technique and the shinigami’s own ability to sense spiritual energy. This technique allows the user to enter a state of mind where they will lose all normal sight, but gain a new vision, This vision shows a person the properties of all spiritual matter around them. In a sense, think of it like byakugan. It allows the user to see the spiritual energy in a targets body, the type and frequency of spiritual power, and even depict the exact potency and form of anything containing said energy. This can see past energy-hiding cloaks like bakudo 22 and can see the exact location and position of a target, telling their exact movements, spiritual concentration, and even indicate when and how a target will use reishi and reiatsu. In a sense, this allows the user to detect what and when an attack is and will be fired before it occurs as long as it uses a form of spiritual energy. Though, this can only be used while the user is concentrating.. They cannot dodge or fight while doing so. (This will replace the one in my APP. I messed up a bit with it, and fusing the two together would make more sense as to why it is so efficient. )

Things of that nature. These are just examples, as stated previously.


on Wed Mar 21, 2012 2:26 am


I like the idea zoran and i am guessing that you need to train to gain techniques that use this right. If not i think that there a need to train for any of the techniques that uses this move.


on Wed Mar 21, 2012 3:23 am


I dig it zoran and I agree with r'yga that training is a must for this as it is not as innate as one would think.


on Wed Mar 21, 2012 3:34 am


Yeah, I'll do the training thread like I did the other ones. Maybe have this one double the other one's size since it covers a variety of things. 6k good?


on Wed Mar 21, 2012 3:53 am


Yeah sounds good
Can,tazuma learn this without help?


on Wed Mar 21, 2012 3:55 am


I guess. Its a kido specialist ability. That is why the REQ at the top is having rei control capped.


on Wed Mar 21, 2012 4:14 am


I guess taz could do a weird version of this for his speed and strength maybe


on Wed Mar 21, 2012 4:41 am


I have one problem here.

Flash of Sound- Doubling speed is way too much. Could you please drop that down to maybe an extra tier or two? Also you should probably note that it grants you the ability to slip past pesquisa like Ichigo did against Uliqiorra.


on Wed Mar 21, 2012 4:58 am




on Wed Mar 21, 2012 5:06 am


Since you specify it is only 1 tier of an edge I've got no more complaints but even 1.5x is more than that. Remember we have stats now and high speed movement technique's are governed by the speed stat. At 300 stats even 1.5 is 150 stat boost.

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