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on Mon Feb 27, 2012 2:19 am


Name: Bakudo 85, Redirection
Incantation: Mirror of fate, rise from the ashs left in your wake. As the threat of the heathen army draws near, open your jaws and devour the very soul that binds them to this eternity. Return to them their sins two fold and sentance the damned to their end.
Description: After the incantation is spoke, a giant mirror will forge infront of the user. It looks like a typical mirror, no different from a normal one. The glass ic clear, showing a reflection of everything infront of it. It has a red frame of steel around it's edges. As an attack draws near the mirror, the glass will shatter,revealing an endless pit of darkness with no end. It seems to be like a black hole, but it is not. As the glass shatters, a extremely piowerful force will begin to draw in everything infront of it, devouring attacks of all kinds and even people in it's void. After the post is over, all the gathered energy will be brought into one massive beam, sending all of the attacks back at the person who casted them. The mirror uses the reishi in the attacks to actually make the beam chase it's caster, returning to them to deal back all the damage that had been absorbed. If a person were to be inside, they would be hit by the full blunt of all the attacks and crushed under the force of them coming together. Which would make it even more devistating than if the attack was fired as a single blast. This has no real tier guide other than the fact to use it, you must pay as much reishi as was used to make the attacks being formed + 25% intrest. If you lack the reishi, which would be likely if absorbing an attack from someone four or five tiers higher, the mirror will explode directly infront of you, causing all the attack's power to hit you instead.


on Mon Feb 27, 2012 2:47 am


I like it
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