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#1 R'yga's Nascence on Sat Feb 25, 2012 11:37 am


#R'yga's Color
#Shishiwara's Color
Word Count: 1121 words, without codes.
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"Urgh...urgh...urgh...urgh", came from R'yga's mouth as he tried to stabilize his reiatsu. His hands were squeezing the sides of his skulls and his vision blurred six ways from Sunday. With every passing step his spiritual pressure skyrocketed and the ground sunk in response. To R'yga the very sky itself was shaking vehemently. He could see everything at least six times and each image a different color. He felt an agonizing pain in his stomach and his temples were pulsating out of this world. With each and every passing second R'yga felt as though he was about to implode.

Suddenly R'yga started to shake wildly and along with him the rest of the world. As he began to shake his spiritual energy split into seven forms. All of which looked just like R'yga himself. They were all a different color and holding a pair of swords. They were each very unique and different in appearance. One was about five feet long and it curved at a thirty five to forty degree angle. The back end of the blade was slender until a little under a third, the rest of the blade had a wavy saw-tooth appearance. The handle had a bamboo style appearance and red fabric wrapped around it in a diamond pattern. The other blade was around four feet long and curved at a thirty five degree angle. This entire blade was sharp back and front, though next to the handle the sword bulged in a spade like shape.

"Listen to the sound of my voice... listen to it carefully. Your time is reaching its end and there isn't much you can do. The encroachment of your soul chain has progressed too far and in a matter of hours you'll be a hollow. Combat the encroachment like we both know you can. Slow it down, don't lose yourself in its rhythm. Your spiritual pressure is what keeps it at bay. I can't help you because you won't let me." Shishiwara called out to R'yga with a set of instructions. The words went unnoticed, the screeching in R'ygas ears was just too loud. The shaking finally brought R'yga too his knees. He couldn't bear it anymore it sounded like someone was scraping their nails against a chalk board. "I can't hear you just shut up you are driving me crazy!" R'yga shouted out to the open sky. He was begging Shishiwara to be quiet. This annoying scrapping only occurred whenever he was trying to speak to him.

Though he wasn't visible to the surrounding world his energy was shaking the world around him. It started with the glass in the neighbor hood being as brittle as it was it cracked first. The cracking only continued to build up as his energy spread further and further out in front of him. The anomaly caused others to run out onto their front lawns and shout across the street. Their shouts only made things that much worse for R'yga. Each word was being etched into the walls of his ears as he interpreted them as an eerie scratching noise. Closing his eyes tightly R'yga looked back at the people talking. He hated them all right now they were just abominations to him. He was wishing the worst of them right now. He wanted them all to be eaten by hollows or some sort of massacre to happen just so they would be quiet.

Releasing his hands from his ears R'yga got up and started to run. Though it was a slow run with barely any energy behind it he may as well be walking. Up and down his arms went slowly, each passing motion pulling at his lungs. His mouth ran dry as wave upon wave of exhaustion was hitting him. "I've gotta get away from these people they are getting on my nerves. I need quiet but why am I moving so slow? Its like I'm running in water, come on faster faster faster." R'yga cried out. As he did so his spiritual energy spiked and dropped time and time again. For a moment he subconsciously used his reiatsu to propel himself forwards. He felt the weightlessness and smiled in delight. He wasn't running in water any more he was actually moving now. His energy only took him around a quarter of a block though. Instantly he shifted from one place to other but stopping wasn't as easy as he thought it was going to be. When the speed stopped R'yga tripped over his own legs and was sent straight for the ground. He didn't stop there his momentum was just too great for a simple stop.

Needlessly to say R'yga's face smashed right into the ground. Though gravity and momentum was working against him. The moment his face hit the ground he flipped forwards landing on his but. His but hit the ground quite hard but the world wasn't finished with him yet. Once again he was pulled forwards onto his face and then on to his put again. The process continued for two blocks. When it finally ended R'yga was a bloody pulp in agonizing pain. Swiftly he lifted his head up as all of the scrapes and smashing settled in. "Gah gahah gah fuck dammit all!" R'yga screamed before allowing himself to simply hit the ground. He laid there for a moment wallowing in his own blood. Though he was in writhing pain he could only smile because finally it was quiet.

Looking up again R'yga couldn't see a damn thing, the entire world was blurry. He couldn't make anything out everything just looked like an amalgamation of gray blobs. "Where am I?" he asked the unassuming question. Though he still couldn't distinguish anything he wanted to know. Looking up at the nearest street sign he focused in on it. His vision slowly returning and each letter formed in his minds eye. "You are in your home town about a block away from your favorite park." Shishiwara said to R'yga in a low calm tone. R'yga started getting up and looked out to the world before him. "Thanks so how long have you been with me? To think I still don't know your name." R'yga laughed before he could feel it the encroachment was starting up some more. Shishiwara closed his eyes to think, "As long as you've been able to see the souls of the dearly departed." Shishiwara spoke back to him. R'yga looked down as he finally reached his feet, then he started to walk slowly.

R'yga smiled and looked down at his beat up hands.
"Man I just wish I could play some baseball right now."
He sighed in a bit of a depressed tone.

#2 Re: R'yga's Nascence on Sat Feb 25, 2012 12:40 pm


#R'yga color
#Shishiwara's Post
Word Count: 1285, without codes
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Tok Tok Tok Tok, the sound of a baseball hitting a mitt reverberated through R'yga's soul. The wind picked up causing Shishiwara's hair to blow in the wind. He could hear the sound of the ball hitting the mitt just fine, R'yga however could not. With each passive step the sound only grew louder and louder until it subsided altogether. The sound was blot out by a larger sound, one of a greater decibel. This was the sound of thousand fans cheering from the stands. It brought a warm smile to Shishiwara's face but only made R'yga sadder. He was thinking about his time in little league. This reminiscence was getting stronger with each passing step. R'yga was slowly but surely making his way to the park he played in on the weekends. He had long since forgotten the feel of a mitt and baseball hitting it.

When the view of the park came into view all time around R'yga seemed to slow down. He looked down at his soul chain and felt a little bit more depressed. Only six links left and I'm still not a stepper closer than I was when this started. R'yga thought to himself as he stared down at it. Then all of a sudden his spiritual pressure dropped drastically and the encroachment sped through two links almost instantly. It was eating at itself at almost three hundred times the speed it was ever moving. Time stopped slowly after that started. When R'yga looked up the next time he was staring directly at a vibrant forest full of life. The sheer size and magnitude of the forest was just so overwhelming.

The forest was littered with palm trees as tall as skyscrapers. Each tree had a bamboo boddy and they were at least ten feet in area. They were very slim and sleek all the way to the top where a bed of luscious flowers rested. Oddly enough these trees were all planted in concrete from some reason. There was a mixture of lowering bearing trees that had fruits on them. These fruits all resembled banana's and kiwi's two of R'yga's favorite fruits. R'yga couldn't believe what he was seeing, out of nowhere a forest had appeared right infront of him. Taking a step back he stepped down into water. When the cold water hit his feet he remembered it all.

A few moments ago R'yga found himself being pulled right off the very earth he was standing on. Though he felt like he was being pulled upwards he was actually falling downwards. Head first he was being pulled through a white space much like a tunnel. All the while he was being pulled he could hear that familiar sound of a baseball hitting a mitt. The sound was so soothing and relaxing that it caused him to slip out of consciousness for a moment. When he awoke he was staring out at this strange forest.

R'yga looked up because he could see a shadow lingering over him. When he looked up he saw a man with black hair, a five o'clock shadow, dressed in a baseball uniform. He had a baseball cap on that resembled one R'yga wore when he was younger. Though he was high up in the sky R'yga could see the look on this mans face. He was angry and upset with him but he had a smile on his face. R'yga could tell just by looking into his eyes. "So we finally meet R'yga." The man started. Though the moment he started speaking R'yga felt himself get pulled into the air. When he stopped he was standing right in front of Shishiwara. Then suddenly the inner world began to shift. The trees underfoot started to raise up and look like a set of stands. When it was finished changing Shishiwara was standing at the top of the stands and R'yga was at about the middle.

"It's you the one thats been calling out to me. So we finally get a chance to meet huh. You know my name so why don't you tell me yours now that we finally get the chance to meet." R'yga yelled up the stands towards Shishiwara. He was a bit happy to finally find out who it was behind the voice but he was a little freaked out. Shishiwara pointed behind R'yga at the baseball diamond, center stage. "If you beat me at baseball, first to three strikes loses." Shishiwara suggested. Though he suggested it they immediately shifted onto the diamond. R'yga was up at bat and Shishiwara on the pitchers mound.

R'yga lifted his left leg up and hit the bat against his shoes. Then he gently nudged his protective helmet and smirked. "Alright lets get this over with whoever you are." R'yga retorted. Though his comment was cut short when a baseball flew right passed his face. R'yga's face changed to one of astonishment and surprise. This man had just thrown one hell of a fast ball and it was soo quick. #Ball# sounded off an electronic system from behind R'yga. Shishiwara lowered the baseball hat he was throwing and smiled wildly before throwing another fast ball. "You haven't played basketball in over a year you should pay attention." Shishiwara said as the second ball hit the empires mitt this time. R'yga looked over his shoulder at the Empire that had the exact same appearance as Shishiwara. R'yga didn't muster a word he simply raised the bat and got into position. "Ball #2", the empire yelled before tossing the ball aside. This time R'yga focused on Shishiwara and waited for him to throw the next ball.

Shishiwara threw the next ball and R'yga faked like he was going to swing for it with a simple gesture. He didn't turn to look at the ball this time or the empire. He was simply focused on Shishiwara at the pitchers mound. "Strike one", the Empire yelled from behind R'yga. Shishiwara wound up this time before throwing R'yga a curve ball. R'yga didn't budge this time either he simply waited for the Empire to call strike again. "Strike 2!" The empire yelled and R'yga waited for the next ball. Shishiwara smirked, "If you are just gonna give up I'm not gonna tell you anything." Shishiwara told R'yga before he was to throw the last ball. R'yga however remained completely quiet and serious he wasn't intending on missing the last ball. R'yga simply smirked, then Shishiwara threw his fast ball.

"Ninety-Nine Bolt" R'yga mouthed before swinging his bat. The bat made contact with the ball and at the moment an atmospheric discharge happened. R'yga sent the ball right over Shishiwara's shoulder though it wasn't much of a ball now though, rather it was a lightning bolt. "Alright now you can give me my hat back Shishiwara." R'yga said with a straight face. He wasn't in the mood for joking but rather he wanted his precious memento back. Shishiwara lifted the hat off of his head and looked right at it. "When did you figure it out?" He asked quite simply. R'yga started walking right for him with the intention of taking that hat from his hands. "Your names on the sign now give me back my hat." R'yga said before reaching out for the hat. When he reached out for it he looked down at his hands. In place of the bat he was just holding was two swords. Shishiwara stared him right in the face before putting the hat back on. An identical pair of swords appeared in both of his hands.

"If you want it back then take it.
Though I have to warn you
it won't be easy"

Shishiwara taunted R'yga

#3 Re: R'yga's Nascence on Mon Feb 27, 2012 5:41 am


Word Count: 1204 without codes.

R'yga and Shishiwara clashed briefly both of their swords making a clanging sound when they met. R'yga however was grinning the entire time and Shishiwara was completely content. R'yga let up a bit to move so he could make another swing but Shishiwara was gone. Then he felt it the cold breath of steel carving up his lower back side. Every nerve in R'yga's body was sent into high gear as he fell forwards. While falling R'yga could only ask himself the question how, first Shishiwara was there then he wasn't. Remembering the time before he came there R'yga put his right foot out in front of himself to stop him from falling. Leaning forwards R'yga stared at the ground, and kept grinning. Using his right foot R'yga stepped forwards going almost ten feet in an instance. Stopping with his left leg R'yga turned around with an even wider grin. "Nice trick what do you call it?" R'yga asked only to see Shishiwara coming for him.

"Alright fine." R'yga said in response to Shishiwara simply rushing him withotu answering the question. R'yga waited for Shishiwara to get close before swinging over head at his shoulder with the larger blade. Shishiwara brought up his smaller blade stop R'yga's larger blade. R'yga then attempted to swing with the smaller blade but Shishiwara was already slicing with his larger blade. R'yga jumped back to avoid the slash, his grin faded into a more serious expression. Holding two the blades out infront of him R'yga watched Shishiwara whom was coming at him quickly. What was weird about Shishiwara was how low he was bent down when he was coming for R'yga. R'yga remained calm and stuck the larger blade out infront of him straight at Shishiwara's head. Shishiwara started moving to the left but R'yga continued to follow him with the larger blade. He kept it constantly pointed at Shishiwara's head to distract him from the smaller blade. When he was all the way to the left Shishiwara ended up being closer to R'yga's smaller blade was actually closer to him. Noticing this R'yga made a slash but Shishiwara again disappeared. Though he could follow him a little better this time, Shishiwara was aiming for R'yga's right side. When R'yga went to swing with his smaller blade Shishiwara put up his larger blade to block it while he swung with his smaller blade for R'yga's mid section.

R'yga attempted to step back but Shishi's smaller blade was too swift for that. R'yga was cut across the mid section just over his abdomen. After the slash he attempted to shunpo back but he screwed it up. R'yga was being hurled backwards in an awkward position. Shishiwara noticed this and shunpo'd above him. When he appeared above R'yga both of his blades were cross. Though he was moving quickly R'yga could follow his movements a lot better. Shishiwara was swinging for both sides of R'yga's neck with his two blades. The smaller one was coming faster but the bigger one was coming with a lot more power. R'yga managed to lift up his larger blade and put it right between the two crisscrossing blades. He stopped their motion for a moment and made a slash for Shishiwara's stomach. He in turn shunpo'd out of the way allowing R'yga to regain his balance. He landed on the ground and skid back a bit before falling and rolling back. When he became upright once more R'yga was down on one knee with the larger blade touching the ground.

While standing there in a crouched position R'yga quickly went over what he was witnessing. Shishi was using the larger blade to block and the smaller blade to land quick successive strikes. He used a lower stance so that switching between blades was easier, and it also made him seem a lot faster. As for the quick movement he was simply utilizing his own natural speed. Though R'yga was attempting shunpo Shishiwara was however just moving quickly. quickly R'yga was trying to come up with his own fighting style. He had two blades one was larger and heavier than the other, and the other was lighter and faster.

R'yga stood up and took his stance with both of his swords out infront of him. He wanted to take a boxing stance but he had swords in his hand. Shishiwara was coming at him quickly so he needed to be just as quick as well. Seeing that R'yga was up on his feet again Shishiwara rushed in from the same low again with both blades crossed underneath him. R'yga ran forwards and shunpo'd ashort distance so he could get the hang of it. He stopped just three feet short of Shishiwara and made a swift slash with the smaller blade. His slash was aimed particularly for Shishiwara's head. Shishiwara reached out and block with his smaller blade, though when the blades collided R'yga rolled forwards. When he was coming up from the roll he made a slash for Shishiwara's gut. The slash made contact and R'yga ended up behind him. Shishiwara took a few steps forwards and turned around. When the turned around R'yga was coming at him at him with the larger blade. Though he was swinging in an underhanded position with the blade coming upwards. Shishiwara smacked R'ygas blade with his own and sent a kick straight for his chest. The kick made contact and R'yga was knocked back, though he rolled to minimize damage. When he came up from the role he immediately put up his larger blade in an almost horizontal position to block Shishiwara's predictable attack. With both of their smaller blades the two swung. Though instead of going through with his R'yga rolled under Shishiwara's arm and made a slash for his leg with his smaller blade instead. This resulted in the both of them moving away from eachother quickly.

R'yga's face was once more plastered with that grin again. Shishiwara wasn't showing it but he was a bit happier that R'yga managed to do something. R'yga immediately rushed forwards using Shishiwara's style, he was crouched lower and making more concise steps forwards. Shishiwara didn't have the energy to do the same thing so he took a stance with both blades crossed. R'yga rolled forwards mid run and on his way up he shunpo'd through the air with both blades crossed. The four blades clashes and Fuji forced Shishiwara back into the wall of the stadium. With just his larger blade Fuji kept him pinned down and went to reach for the hat.

"This has been fun you can keep the real one." R'yga said as he took hat off of Shishiwara's head. He then looked over at the empire wearing the real hat. When he put it on R'yga woke up on the floor of the baseball field in the human world. His usual baseball had taken on a new form, it has a katana's hilt and it acted as the scabbard for his sword. Touching the hilt he could feel Shishiwara, Looking down at his body he noticed the change of clothes. He was wearing a shinigami outfit.

"I guess I'm not gonna become a hollow afterall."

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