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#11 Re: Coinciding Interests on Tue Feb 28, 2012 8:50 am


If he put that much spiritual energy and enhanced force into his swing, then the hammer would crack only a second after coming into contact with Hollis' zanpakuto before it would be cut cleave in half. The swing, if pushed out in full, would leave nothing but a rocky pole in Cubix's hand. As Hollis prepared himself, he'd probably find that he was actually being overly cautions. The dust, which had been a heavy blockade for the last few minutes, went adrift or fell to the ground where it belonged. No longer would Hollis feel the straining pressure that the dust had placed upon him, because it was ordinary dust now.

Then, it all came out at once. Cubix's own energy erupted as a black shadow seemed to envelop his human frame, devouring him, and quickly solidifying into a black, hard looking armor. The armor had various joints and parts that made it almost look like it were bone and flesh itself, though it had the smooth sheen as any metal. Behind that armor was a black cape, which was thin and lifelike and could almost be mistaken for a pair of tucked in leathery wings. That skeletal armor had formed from Cubix's head to toe and, at the head, was a helmet that resembled thorns or the opened curved beak of a bird. Cubix's crimson eyes, the pupil an almond, stared at Hollis with an unnatural intensity. It was almost like Cubix were staring at Hollis, everything within Hollis, and everything beyond him. The gaze was strong enough to bring up weakness in any weak being with their glare alone.

Cubix's shifted appearance wasn't the only thing to pop up. As quickly as Cubix had transformed, which was as fast as a snap of ones fingers, there was a small liquid orb that was inbetween Cubix and Hollis. Hollis could reach out and grasp it if he wanted too. That orb started to boil before it expanded out to become an enormous block of metal. It grew so fast that it would throw Hollis back, as if someone threw a brick wall in his face, and it was big enough to completely shadow Hollis being 25' x 25' x 25'. Just as Hollis had predicted, the block of metal was actually made up of many blocks, like a Rubix cube, however there were more of those individual cubes and they were all one silver color. Cubix was behind that wall, knowing full well exactly where Hollis was without even needing to see him.

"Hmmph," Cubix would say, those blood-red eyes unblinking and unrelenting. The Rubix Quadrum would shoot forward straight for Hollis. It was gonna run him over. That could probably kill Hollis if he didn't stop it. Maybe Hollis would try his luck again and try to block that enormous thing with a sword slash. It would really test his strength to see if he could combat something that large, blasting towards him at a high speed, with it's incredible weight behind it. It was solid metal and was easy thrown like a rock from Cubix's hand straight for Hollis.

"You have speed and strength. I wonder, what about your resilience? Why don't...I put it to test? See if you can stop my Rubix Quadrum," Cubix would slowly raise his hands, palms skyward, as he watched the battle keeping his own distance. "Blocking the Rubix Quadrum 100 times...Should be easy for a Captain, I wonder?" Cubix was going to try it out. If this hadn't seemed like it before, it was definitely training now. In no way, shape or form was the Rubix Quadrum easy to deal with, likely for anyone, especially for someone using only their own physical ability. To take it on, blow for blow, continuously would either kill Hollis, exhaust him just before breaking or...He would grow enough to be able to survive and thrive against such a powerful ability.

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#12 Re: Coinciding Interests on Tue Feb 28, 2012 2:10 pm


As hollis waits for the demons next attack, he continues to release rieatsu until the dust begins to settle. He stops his constant release to get a feel for the area and finds himself able to move freely again. Hollis then twirls his sword around at the handle so that he is wielding it in the standard position. As the dust clears, hollis can see cubix standing at his front, instantly chagning into some other form as he gazes at the shinigami in the eyes. Captain Edwards does not move however as he looks back into the demons eyes with his own while holding his seemingly permanent smirk. They show no fear, no power, no confidence, no regret, only nothingness. It is as if Hollis Edwards lacks something that even demons posses. A soul..

~hm. must be some sort of release form, perhaps similar to that of an arrancar. how fun..~

Hollis then turns his attention to a small liquid orb, floating between he and cubix. Before Edwards can even ponder on what this thing is, it expands instantaneously, throwing hollis back and obscuring his vision of cubix.The shinigami takes a moment to observe the giant cubical square.

~So, it is like a rubix cube. A normal one has 54 squares on it but just from counting one side its apparent this one has much, oh well, i wonder what it does?~

Just as Hollis finishes his though he gets his answer. The giant cube suddenly comes dashing towards hollis at great speed and he prepares himself to dodge as he readies his strategy to deal with it. But then, cubix speaks."You have speed and strength. I wonder, what about your resilience?Why don't...I put it to test, He says. At that moment hollis realizes what is happening. This demon is ready to truely start testing the shinigamis' mettle. Hollis closes his eyes as his smirk grows wider. He knows what he has to do, he has to abandon all analytical thinking and just fight balls to the wall from then on. Hollis tosses his zanpakto far to the side and it sticks into the ground.

"well golly gee..this is gonna hurt sooo good.."

Hollis then opens his eyes and charges for the giant metal cube head on with only his body as a weapon. Within seconds, the cube crashes against his torso and pushes him back, cracking several of his ribs and damaging some of his internal organs as well causing him to cough up blood. As he is pushed back however, Edwards doesn't break his smirk as he grits his teeth and spreads out his arms to try and get a grip on the thing. He then slides his feet down to the ground to try and stop it as it forces him backward , his feet digging into the dirt below.

word count : 493

#13 Re: Coinciding Interests on Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:17 am


The Rubix Quadrum was the definition of heavy. Hollis was going to try to take it all one with his brute strength alone, now that was something even Cubix hadn't accounted for. Cubix had never, ever seen anything like that. Sure, Cubix doesn't use his power on just anyone, but still-The thought never even crossed his mind before now. Didn't Hollis clearly see that the Rubix Quadrum was a solid bullet train rushing to destroy any structure that stood before it? Hollis put his hands up and prepared, as the strain could be seen in his eyes before the impact, to catch the Rubix.

The Rubix rammed into Hollis, actually causing Cubix to close one eye as if to sympathize with the human. Really, it was just for show. Cubix didn't have any sympathy for Hollis, though he was still absolutely enthralled by the decisions of this Shinigami. One after the other he seemed to amaze Cubix all the more. "Impressive. To throw away your sword for your hands. Just like an animal, however, the difference is that you are not shaking in fear. An animal that honestly believes their hunter is the prey. This shall be an interesting demonstration," Cubix would say, now watching to see if Hollis had it in him to combat the Rubix Quadrum.

It wasn't impossible to get a grip, after all there were groves on the Rubix Quadrum where each and every cube indented. However, the thing was heavy and it was backed by an unnatural push that seemed to keep it going towards Hollis. Hollis could easily be pushed back by the enormous block of metal as it aim to overpower him with it's own body. Cubix would, with a simple wave of his hand, throw everything at Hollis at once. The Rubix would be blasted forward, just as it had when it first started out, and would attempt to smash Hollis into the ground. He wouldn't die and, hopefully, all his bones wouldn't break. He would, if Hollis couldn't take the mighty push, be slammed down by the metal Rubix two feet into the ground before it would lift up and fly high into the sky. Not many could take the Rubix, full throttle, with their hands alone however. It strong and, most importantly, it was big and heavy. With Hollis trying to hold it back, a quick increase in speed could offset him and cause him to be slightly crushed.

However, it wasn't enough to kill Hollis and, as Cubix was sure, it wouldn't knock him out or force him to give up. Hollis had to be stronger than that. Hollis had too much determinate to be deterred by that. If anything, Hollis would get right back up.

"That's one," Cubix would say, a small smirk on his face as both his eyes opened again. He was going to hit Hollis with 99 more of those, at that same speed and power, with the Rubix. By the end, he would see if Hollis could grow enough to find a way to defeat the Rubix's great push with his Shinigami muscle and his unwavering courage.

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#14 Re: Coinciding Interests on Thu Mar 01, 2012 3:17 pm


Hollis grips the gargantuan cube with his hands as it continues to push him back. his feet continue to dig into the dirt as he tries his hardest to stop it's motion. Edwards increases the rieatsu around his legs so that he may gain stronger leverage against the massive block. It begins to slow down a bit but just as it does cubix waves his hand and the cube suddenly speeds up again, throwing hollis off of his feet. The shinigami knows that if he does not do something quick, he'll be pushed into the ground and likely crushed. Hollis decides to raise his rieatsu almost to full power, but focuses it on his legs and arms only. The force of it blows his haori up a bit. He then swings his legs so that his feet are planted on the ground once more. The cube pushes hollis back with great speed again until hollis manipulates the rieatsu around his arms and legs to push against the cube and ground. The cube pushes against hollis but steadily begins to slow down. Hollis smiles but grits his teeth as sweat pours down his face while he tries to resist the cubes motion. After several seconds, the cube slows even more as hollis pushes upwards a bit against the block. After sever more seconds, the ebony shinigami's veins begin to pop out of his forehead and his eyes twitch but the cube comes to a complete stop. Hollis just stands still, still gripping the rubix for several more seconds as he catches his breath.

"h..heh...ya know...mother always said, heh.. i was a bit of a..block head...heh"

After spouting his extremely corny joke, Hollis coughs up a bit more blood from his cracked ribs and damaged organs. He licks up the bit of it that splattered onto his chin with his long tongue and stretches his shoulder blades.

"Whew, well that was a blast but come on.. i know we can have more fun that that aye bukaroo?"

word count : 342

#15 Re: Coinciding Interests on Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:19 pm


OOC: lol. Hollis is silly.
And I'm going to timeskip at the end of my post. You can post in response to this one and the timeskip or just the timeskip, doesn't matter to me anyway.

IC: "It is impressive that you managed to stop a full speed Rubix Quadrum, but as I said I would like to see what sort of resilience you have. Simply taking it on once would not be enough, considering all the strain and work you had to manage just to halt it you still wish to ask for more? Perhaps I will entertain that request...Should you block it just as you have 99 more times," Cubix would slowly raise his hand and the Rubix before Hollis would shoot into the air, spinning so fast that its shape looked like a diamond.

"Did you notice something, human? Things carry a significant weight here, just like Earth and your own world. That would mean-" Cubix started, dropping his hand to his side. As he did the Rubix, which managed 50 feet into the air, shot down with the same speed and propulsion that it had when it fired at Hollis when it went forwards. There was a difference this time. The main one was what Cubix was hinting at. Something being shot in a horizontal line would lose speed as something dropped at a vertical one would gain speed. The most critical of all differences would be that Hollis wouldn't have as much time to slow it down as he had when he forced the cube down, to drag into the ground, and he dragged his feet in the dirt and pushed to steadily slow it down. The rubix was going to crash into Hollis and it was catch it and stop it, right then and there, or be crushed. That was, if he was going to keep on with this physical test of might and didn't just try to dodge the thing or blast a kido into it as it was falling down from above.

"That's two-" Cubix mused, not sure how long Hollis would last. 100 strikes was a lot and, with Hollis haphazard expenditure of his own energy he would probably tire himself out and one of those Rubix attacks could deal a bit more damage than the last. If Hollis could endure blow for blow, using his own strength in tuned with his spiritual power, he would definitely grow. As long as he wouldn't die in the following attacks, there were probably more than a few things that Hollis could learn from this battle.


"100-" Cubix would say, having sent the last and final smash of the Rubix Quadrum. Did the thing have dents in it? A few bends and crooked corners? Well, it had been smashed at the Captain that attempted to turn himself into a wall, but did he survive? His arms could have broken after taking Rubix over and over or his legs could have fractured at having to match the weight of the thing over and over again. Then there was his joints and muscles that had to endure 100 consistent blows with little to no time for break or any extended pauses. Cubix started to get creative with the Rubix too. He threw it at angles, he spun it fast before sending it at Hollis, he made the thing smaller, as to lower the amount of space that Hollis could use to grasp and push away, he dragged it through the dirt, he made it spin around Hollis before crashing in from one random side, etc. Cubix made sure to keep the stress on Hollis at the Captain was always faced with the potential of being crushed, broken, and being left in Hell a bloody mess to crawl back to Soul Society...But Hollis wouldn't go out like that would he?

The 100th blow. It was about 23 minutes after the first blow, so that was 23 non-stop minutes of heavy lifting, catching, and fighting for Hollis as Cubix made sure to keep things difficult for him. Maybe, somewhere during that time, Hollis adapted and sharpened his spiritual energy to simply shrug off the Rubix and, by the end, it wasn't anywhere as difficult to deal with as the first two times? Maybe, he found a clever and tactful method to handle the large, heavy cube in a way that used a lot less energy than before? In any case, it was now time to move one. 100 strikes was more than enough to measure Hollis' resilience and, Cubix was interested in the next step. Likely, Hollis was probably getting a little tired. He'd been fighting, pretty hard too, with injuries and without his abilities. It was too bad that things were only going to get more difficult from here.

IC: 760
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#16 Re: Coinciding Interests on Fri Mar 02, 2012 3:32 am


As cubix raises his hand into the air and the cube floats upwards, hollis prepares himself to deal with the thing until it starts to spin making it appear as a diamond and cubix speaks about weight.

"Well, as the kids say..."

The cube then begins to hurdle towards hollis with great speed and the shinigami raises his rieatsu to it's maximum output and bends his knees as if he is about to jump.

"I've got 99 problems.."

He then jumps and flies for the cube at great speed as it also comes for him.

"but a cube ain't one!!"

The cube then makes contact with Captain Edwards who tries to grip the thing and actually does so successfully...for about a millisecond. After that the cube continues to rotate giving it somewhat of a chainsaw effect. The now diamond shaped blade plunges itself into hollis, causing his balance to be thrown off only slightly but that's all that is needed for the unfortunate outcome. The cube tears a bit into the left side of Edwards' chest and greatly into his left arm. As hollis and the cube near the ground, he knows that hell probably be torn to bit if he lets his entire body take the weight of the box so he shifts his weight slightly to the right so that when he crashes his arm takes the blunt of the damage. Just as he thought, he crashes hard onto the ground and the cube lifts up. Hollis is silent for a moment as his captains haori appears to be completely torn, so much so that if he were to move it would fall off his body entirely, leaving him with only his black shinigami gi. But that isn't the only thing torn. Holli's left arm appears to be dislodged from his collar bone and the muscle appears to be ripped so that the pink is showing. it almost looks like someone took a hacksaw and started going to down on the meat. It is truly a grizzly sight to behold. Although only around a half second would pass as hollis lies on the ground, appearing to be unconscious, a few minutes run by in his head. The crazed captain of the squad begins to think about what he should do next,the best possible tactic to produce the least amount of damage against his body. but then it hits him! he's not the type for plans or scenarios. He kind of just..does things according to the situation. He begins to think about how he should proceed the way he was born to be..chaotic.

~ Well, i can't stop now. Iv'e come to far to see the worlds fall into peace. If i want my master to rein supreme, i must march onward..CUE INSPIRATIONAL BATTLE MUSIC!!!~

Ballroom Blitz

After what was really a half second of lying down, Hollis hops up and wobbles a bit. His captains garb falls off as he looks up towards the cube , his left arm motionless and bleeding out. Hollis begins to sing the song that is playing in his head out loud like a crazy person.

"are you ready steve?"

The cube begins to spin again.


The cube then hurdles down towards hollis with great speed once again.


Edwards holds up his right arm and turns his head to the opposite side. The cube makes contact and hollis tries to grip it with his right arm and shoulder using his head as sort of a support. He manages to get a grip but the cube keeps spinning, cutting up the palm of his hand and slowly digs into the shoulder and collar bone. With almost no rieatsu left, it looks like the captain will have to rely on brute strength alone.

"ggehh, alright fellas.."

Suddenly, all of the muscles in hollis' body tense up and begin to pulsate.


Just then, the veins in edwards body begin to pop up as the man strains with all his might. He strains so hard that blood begins to seep out of his right eye. But hollis doesn't stop pushing. The cube moves against hollis, whose feet are firmly planted into the ground , but instead of crashing him into it, a small crater is created which slowly gets bigger with each passing second. Every muscle in the shinigamis' body can be seen as he actually manages to slow the cubes rotation to almost a complete stop. It would appear as though Hollis has found the strength to deal with it using nothing but undeterred force of will. Hollis then does a sort of suplex on the cube, letting his body fall backward and the rubix with it. He gets up with a crooked smile, ready to take 98 more of these attacks.

~~~~~23 minutes later~~~~~

Hollis breathes heavily as he begins to tire from all the nonstop cube action. During that time he had managed to fracture his shin bones and take several lacerations, but his body had adapted to the weight of the cube. It forced itself to gain a bit of muscle and strengthen itself. Hollis tears off a piece of his black shinigami robe and wraps it around the large wound in his left arm to stop the bleeding. if he lost anymore blood at that rate he'd probably pass out. He then grabs his left shoulder and pops it back into place.

"ooooooh, that's the stuff..."

He then cracks his neck and begins to walk towards cubix with his same smirk and soulless eyes, only this time they are covered in a bit of blood.

"'s it hanging fella? really took a beating back there, heheh"

word count: 1001

#17 Re: Coinciding Interests on Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:41 am


"I suggest you grab your sword-" Cubix wasn't going to say that again. This was no longer a measure of how tough Hollis was or how much he could endure. Hollis passed with flying colors having to take the Rubix over and over again, blow for blow, and being able to keep going despite the increasing injuries that he suffered. He was truly a more than capable captain. The fact that he made it this far without his weapon was nothing short of amazing. Hollis was an exceptional being that Cubix was absolutely interested in. At this point, Cubix wanted to see just how far the Captain would go. Any ordinary creature, even Shinigami, would be cringing from the pain they were enduring or they would be on the ground unable to get back up. Dislocations, cuts, bruises were all around, yet none of it seemed to slow down his steps. It was marvelous.

The Rubix, sitting on it's side, beaten and battered itself with blood on it that didn't belong, would float yet again. It looked like Cubix was going to send it after Hollis again. Maybe that was Cubix's trump? Perhaps, Hollis just bested Cubix's strongest weapon with his barehands? Cubix's demon eyes were staring daggers into Hollis as the cube started to slowly, very slowly, rotate in place. It was no or never. Hollis had this time to go and grab his sword else. Even Hollis would probably feel that Cubix were holding back as if leaving this one break inbetween his own attacks. Did Cubix have something planned still?

Piece by piece, the Rubix Quadrum would come apart. It appeared like it opened up, the furthest pieces to the corners spreading out the furthest and the ones in the middle going up or down. The individual pieces, which there were 64 of, would line up to make a flat grid of the hard cubes. Cubix, gracefully, raise his hand. He would turn it, so his wrist were skyward and his fingers were curled delicately. "Come, my Rubix Quadrum," He would say and, ushering his fingers forwards the cubes all bolted. Their destination was Hollis and they were even faster than the large Rubix Quadrum. There were many of them, like a swarm of silver metal, and they were spread over quite a bit of space.

Hollis' head, arms, legs, back, shoulders, abdomen, elbows, knees, wrists, ankles, neck; every portion of Hollis' body was targeted by a different, fast moving cube, as others moved around to attack directly after. It was like he were being attacked by 64 different bodies all at once and from everywhere as they shot in to reach him. Some curved, as they wanted his backside, others shot at an angle, to hit his upper body or his lower, and some twisted in the air to his his sides. It was an all 'round attack made up of those 64 hard, dense metal cubes that flew through the air with inhuman precision. Avoiding them all? That would be beyond difficult. Countering them all? Unlikely with them aiming for the back, front as well as high attacks on top of low attacks. No matter what, it was no easy attack to deal with and it left no openings to easily exploit.

At the very least, if Hollis had his sword he could attempt at slashing them back and away. But, well, how exhausted was he? No matter. If Hollis wanted to survive he'd have to push passed any exhaustion, pain, and loss of vigor. He'd have to demand his body move and keep up with this relentlessly, high level attack. Hollis would have too, no matter what, push passed any of his limits and fight with all he has and more. Because, at this point, this battle became the ultimate test. He'd have to use his speed, his power, his skill, and his endurance all together to combat the Rubix Quadrum's true form and power.

"Intorqueo," It wouldn't be long before Cubix would say that command. Any and all cubes that were in the air around Hollis would drive in towards him before spiraling up towards the sky like a blocky twister. They all ran to the bottom, near Hollis' feet, and aimed to batter him and crash into his body all the while likely raising him up as any twister would. It wasn't a spell or a technique, so much as it was simply giving a name to a form that Cubix could make the Rubix create. The attack planned to overwhelm all of Hollis' defenses by coming up under him and, as any twister would, launch all the blocks at his body at once.

"What was that again....About a beating?" Cubix would ask, a few seconds after using the Intorqueo move. Cubix was enjoying this now. He really was. It wasn't every day you met a Captain like Hollis.

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#18 Re: Coinciding Interests on Sun Mar 04, 2012 3:14 am


"I suggest you grab your sword"

Hollis continues to breathe heavily as he watches the cube slowly raise fromthe ground. He stretches his arms a bit before asking the rhetorical, "Why would i need my sword". It is just then that he realizes cubix is still perfectly fine. This whole time hes just been standing there, essentially toying with the captain. For all hollis knows, this cube is only the beginning of his power.

"ooooh..yyeeaah, maybe i should get my boomstick.."

Hollis then shunpos and when he reappears does a completely unnecessary barrel roll to get to his zanpakto. He grabs it and holds it in his normal position as he watches the cube reach its apex in ascension. Piece by piece the rubix would come apart and hollis would stand there, waiting to see what happens next. Eventually the pieces would turn into a large swarm of smaller cubes that rush at hollis at a much greater speed than the giant one like a hive of angry silver bees. They go to attack him all over and hollis gets begins to do a strange leg motion , it almost looks like he's dancing. When the cubes finally reach him, he begins to spin around, swinging his sword and legs at the cube staying mostly low to the ground. It would appear that he is doing some sort of movements from brazilian jujitsu, moving and twisting his body like a break dancer. He manages to dodge several of the cubes with his confusing movements and uses the balls of his feet and his sword to swat them away. He is still nicked here and there, causing bruising on various parts of his body, but for the most part he is ok, although his rieatsu reserves and consequently, energy is running dangerously low. Just as he is getting the hang of the cubes attacks the word , 'intorqueo' escapes the demons lips and hollis suddenly finds himself being hoisted up and spun around in the air by the deadly blocks. Hollis swipes a few of them off at first but soon he is overwhelmed by a tornado of the sinister squares as every part of his body is attacked. Hollis, now almost depleted of energy and exhausted, is unable to properly defend himself and several of his bones are broken and nearly all of his muscles are bruised. More blood escapes his mouth and several new wounds created by the terrible twister of torment.

word count: 423

#19 Re: Coinciding Interests on Sun Mar 04, 2012 7:58 am


OOC: Almost lost this post twice!

IC: The very instant the Intorqueo was completed the cubes, all 64 of them, ran over to Cubix to create a pair of long lines of the cubes. They were stacked, one in front of the other, with one cube at the end of each of them 8 feet from them. Cubix had one high on his left shoulder and the other parallel way off by his right. They floated in the air, their long bodies standing there above Cubix.

"Now that you have picked up your weapon, it's about time you started attacking, don't you think?" Cubix would ask, expecting Hollis to try his hardest. At this point though, the poor Shinigami didn't look like he was going to be able to take anymore. He practically looked broken. Even those forceful, confident eyes from before looked dulled by pain and exhaustion. Cubix only had more to share. "Fighting in your state...I'd be surprised if you could even manage a high speed movement flash. Why don't you attempt to reach me with that broken body of yours. You are far passed your limit, but maybe you can finally learn to surpass the bounds of the ordinary here and now." Cubix would raise his hand, arm in Hollis' direction.

"Impactus," He would say, and as he had that floating square that was feet behind the long line of others bolted forward, ramming into the long line of the connected blocks, running it's explosive energy through it. Not only was the momentum carried along, but it's potential energy was charged and amplified along the way by the demon energy between the breaks within the cubes. Like a Newton's cradle, the energy that came from the free cube, ramming into the line of them, ran through it and went to release itself at the end. The only difference with the little mage of physics that was Newton's cradle was that Cubix's energy was not continuously equal, but charged enormously as it ran through the long floating pipes of metal and shot off the furthest cube, the ones closest to Cubix, facing Hollis, that were the last ones on the opposite end of those that rammed it from the rear.

The bang was deafening. It sounded like a cannon. In fact, that's exactly what those things were. That last cube that was fired off, from the pair of cannons over Cubix's body, were blasted forth with enough force, speed and power to completely overpower and outrun any ordinary Shunpo. If Hollis were hit by one of those, he'd probably instantly explode thanks to the mammoth energy that was rammed inside them.

This was the first time Cubix ever used such an attack and, due to the nature of it's speed and power, he couldn't aim. They missed, by a long shot, the air seeming to literally rip behind them, causing a heavy shock wave of a sonic boom before they crashed, a few hundred yards to the left and far right of Hollis causing a tower of an explosion. They were no where near hitting, even if Hollis stood still, but despite being hundreds, yes multiple hundreds, of feet off they shook the ground. If Hollis looked back at the explosion he would see what looked like a series of bombs went off in a skyscraper after it crashed down in the ground. Dust, rock chunks, smoke; It was nothing short of pure, unadulterated annihilation. Taking one of those to the chest wouldn't leave enough pieces for a funeral. It was so destructive that the pure metal, heavy, hyperdense cubes themselves were completely destroyed, ate away by the friction from their own superb speeds.

Cubix's cannons, which rested a few feet above him, still honed in on Hollis, adjusted as Cubix squinted a little. "It looks like they are a bit too fast, even for me," He would say, the last cube that had stated the chain reaction was slowly pulled back as yet another round was prepared. Unfortunately, Cubix couldn't just fire those off like a machine gun, which was good for Hollis. It would take time before another one was freed, but was Hollis going to wait until then? Cubix wasn't attacking Hollis as aggressively as before, and, in fact, he was purposely leaving an opening. Testing the cannons seemed to be Cubix's priority for that one attack, which now left him completely open.


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#20 Re: Coinciding Interests on Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:51 am


As the tornado of cubes subsides, hollis falls hard onto the ground but just as he does he picks himself right back up. He holds his sword up but as he steps forward he staggers greatly like a drunken pirate. He's so disoriented that he starts to see two of everything. The captain seems so fatigued that he is a bit confused on the situation he is in.

"..geh, if it wern't for you meddling kids id, love it when a plan comes together, book em Danno!?!.."

After Edwards finishes mumbling random television quotes in his haze of confusion, cubix speaks on how the shinigami should attack now as his smaller cubes line up together forming a cannon-like structure that somewhat resembles a rail gun.the cube in the back of the line suddenly rams into the others and the front-most block shoots off with great speed and force. Hollis tries to shunpo but his body just stays still in its place. Luckily, it flies far past the vicinity hollis is standing in and creates a massive explosion behind him. Edwards almost decides to look back at it but think to himself, 'cool guys don't look at explosions' . Hollis then sees cubix reloading his cannon and notices how slow it is taking.

"heh.looks like we've got ourselves another 'cuban' missile crisis. hahah."

The 5th squad captain decides to take advantage of the temporary opening and forces himself to shunpo directly behind cubix with his blade raised, all he needs to do is move a few steps foward and swing down. As he begins to swing however, his body freezes up and the shinigami falls to the ground directly on his face. With his face in the dirt, he mumbles..


Hollis begins to temporarily black out as he lies on the ground. He hears a voice speaking to him.

"Hello.. is this thing on?"

word count: 328

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