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on Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:04 am


It all started a few months ago. There was that short instance where Cubix recognized a powerful, vehement spire of energy. It was an old cathedral and it's faith had long sense been lost in the passing waves of time. The dark religion of sacrifice, decay, hate, and violence that was tied to a dark lord and overseer that had, at one time, been a prominent villain. Well, that was all a story for another time. What was relevant was that Cubix had, through the voice of this world, a tattoo left upon this land in the form of a binding seal. This seal, an insignia to hold and restrain dark, irrelevant matters, was something of significant importance to Cubix. There was a problem however, which was the most apparent as Cubix meet face to face with this mystical vile stamp.

Cubix couldn't touch it.
Touching was an important part of the whole "destroying" process. His arm and magic unable to find it's mark, Cubix was quite utterly stuck. He remained there, thinking in the darkness, when a fairly powerful individual, the Shinigami type, came to this very same area. Cubix quickly made himself known, though the Shinigami was likely not familiar with Cubix's, well, bloodtype. That made a potentially tense situation airy and aloof as Cubix explained his simple, yet unusual problem. With little thought or effort, that same Shinigami gave Cubix a favor. That Shinigami destroyed that cruel evil, which had been his task in the first place because the seal was causing it's own complications on the neighboring spirits only recently. A quick exchange of names were given and that was that.

That was, until today.
This same Shinigami, who Cubix now knew for Captain Hollis Edwards, was within the outer reaches of Hell. Surprising? It should be. Cubix, as the Chairman of Security and one that is beyond intune with the distortions of his own Earth, sensed it quite well. This Shinigami, Hollis, had came here for something. It looked like the Shinigami was a smarter now. He knew Cubix for a Demon, a spectacularly violent one at that, whom recently confronted the current Captain of the Ninth, and that he could likely get a little more from that favor that Cubix assured.

A Shinigami and a Demon, in burning plane of Hell, were now face to face. What did the Shinigami want? How did the Shinigami know that Cubix wouldn't refuse this favor? How did he manage to get into hell? What had drove Hollis to be so rash? Well, there was a third hand in all of this. The very hand that guided Hollis and Cubix together in the first place. That too, was an irrelevant matter however. At this moment, these two were undeniably connected by a string of happenings that would, in turn, cause them both to gain something extraordinary this day.


"Power? You wish for me to give you strength? Hmm. Just like a being of your kind. To grow stronger so you can kill all the easier. Fine, I will help you in developing your own abilities. Out of a favor, I will not kill you no matter how you come at me. I do not care if you offer the same, as what you gave me was very important and, well, I have my own orders," Cubix would say, the last part strange and likely held it's own heavy weight. Mysterious orders? Strange hints, words, letters, and whispers that caught Hollis' ear and Cubix's own finding of a formally hidden seal as if it had been screaming its anger and rage for the last 1000 years to the world. It was all soo...Convenient. Despite what brought them here, Cubix too needed to stretch his arms and expand his abilities. If he didn't fight ever once in a while he would only become dull. Sure, he was too excellent of a being to forever lose his edge, but a good spar now and again would only do Cubix some good.

This was, despite what it may seem, simply Cubix repaying Hollis. In no way had Cubix agreed to any of Hollis' orders, even if he had came here spouting demands. Cubix was working off his own pride, curiosity and the dark propelling force moving him ever onwards. Everything that Hollis came here was likely reflected in Cubix's own eyes.

It was about time they started now, wasn't it?



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on Fri Feb 24, 2012 10:55 am


[i]Power? You wish for me to give you strength? Hmm. Just like a being of your kind. To grow stronger so you can kill all the easier. Fine, I will help you in developing your own abilities. Out of a favor, I will not kill you no matter how you come at me...[/i]

Power. The very word holds about as much meaning to hollis as a prayer does to a dead man. Power is something that beings of logic seek for various reasons, respect, self improvement, murder. But to Captain Edwards it is simply a means to an end. To him, the only thing that truely matters is chaos. Chaos has existed since the worlds exodus and is the only thing that is unending and entirely certain. Hollis is an agent of chaos, and like any other agent, he must properly represent his employer. But in order for chaos to really create chaos , power is needed. Something Edwards is a bit lacking in. Now, he finds himself in the pits of hell, ready to use the abilities of a demon to get stronger. A means to an end.

"well i thank you for graciousness but i don't mind if i die. That just makes it all the more fun , right? And if don't release my zanpakto,please do not be offended. It's just im trying to gain raw power so i'd prefer not relying on my abilities. in fact, as much as it pains me i intend to use only brute force against you..."

hollis unsheathes his weapon and cracks his neck. His soulless eyes glisten from the fires of hell.

"Let get started then eh?"

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on Sat Feb 25, 2012 7:14 am


"How arrogant. You think you can survive without even the abilities that your kind so heavily depend on? Still...That's interesting," Cubix couldn't help but be slightly impressed by the bold bravado exuding from this Captain. Either he didn't know what he came here to find or he was more than confident in his own abilities. Well, Cubix never said he would hold back that far.

Cubix didn't lift a finger. There wasn't any sign that the attack was coming until pillars of earth, which had an octagon shape and form, rose up directly under Hollis with the attempt to crash into him, from below, and send him skyward. The entire ground under him 10 feet ahead and 15 feet to his left and right, and 20 feet to his back was forced into tall, monstrous towers of rock stone that flew fast, hard, yet there was a clear space between them. Cubix didn't just raise up the entire ground. He raised up, around 30, massive pillars.

After that attack was done, Cubix would vanish. A spiraling small gust of grass blades were left where he had once been and were spinning upwards. Cubix had used Celer, his own high speed movement, aiming to make his own way into these raised pillars. Why? Well, that wasn't exactly clear, but Cubix's high speed dash straight for where Hollis had been was clear. Hopefully, Hollis was capable enough to keep up with Cubix's own high speed dashes else this training would become painful fast.



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on Sat Feb 25, 2012 4:04 pm


"Arrogance? No, i don't believe i posses that character trait. I never said i would survive. Just that it sounds fun."

Hollis says matter of factly. The only thing that truley matters to the shinigami is not being bored. He finds that the closer something brings him to the brink of death, the more interesting it is. He holds no reservations towards dying nor does he fear it. In fact, Hollis doesn't really hold any emotion whatsoever, no real ones anyway. Though his lack of feeling isn't quite the usual nihilistic brand of gothic psyche. he actually seems happy but..what makes him 'happy' is what's most disturbing.

Hollis stands with his blade at his side as he looks at cubix, waiting for something to happen, but the demon doesn't move a muscle. Suddenly, the earth begins to rumble and the ground beneath him rises. One of the pillars pushes hollis upwards, tripping him and causing him to fall towards another one but as it heads for him, he extends his blade and the pillar pushes itself into it as it does. Hollis, now upside down, looks at where cubix once was but it appears he has vanished.

"demon shunpo? ah oh"

Hollis , now upside down, watches as cubix appears near him. Edwards, still griping his sword bends his body so that his body and zanpakto form a 90 degree angle. His legs seperate and form a sort of Y shape.

word count: 236

on Sat Feb 25, 2012 8:27 pm


Cubix, who managed to instantly close the distance from where Hollis had been standing, was now inbetween a number of pillars. Cubix almost smirked. "Not in character?" He asked, somewhat low and to himself, "Arrogance is the very definition of your kind. Do you not hunt hollow? Do you not reap the linger souls of the humans? Do you not seek power and violence just to force growth on yourself? Tell me then, Shinigami," This would have been said loud and clear so that Hollis wouldn't miss a word. However, Cubix wasn't just standing there waiting for Hollis to land. Cubix closed that distance for a reason and with each word that Cubix said those pillars were shifting and the ground with them.

With each word the pillars began to crack and had lines running down them. Almost like they had parallel grooves that ran from the top to the bottom and all around each of the many pillars all around Cubix and under Hollis. In an instant, which would have been mentioned the definition of a shinigami's nature, hundreds of thousands of earth spikes shot out of each and every pillar to make a somewhat cactus field. The spikes shot into other pillars, their sharp spines aiming to leave no room for escape. The spikes flew passed Cubix even, appearing to lock him in place by his own technique and ability. Even if Hollis had moved by then it wouldn't matter to Cubix. By the time Cubix asked Hollis to tell him something the spikes shot out. If Hollis were too close to the ground when the spikes came free from the pillars they could very well have stabbed him and, if he were higher in the air, while being upside-down noless, they would have flew at him like arrows through the sky. The spikes, some having been facing the pillars, crashed into the other towers of stone causing multiple explosions of dust, dirt, rock and stone to go flying through the area. It was like a fiery explosion, only without all the flames and left not one single tower still in place. That dust would surround Cubix, though it was likely clear where he was.

The spikes were still rushing towards Hollis and, hopefully, he could handle the few tens of thousands that were aiming to skewer him. There were many, though they were fired off all over the place, each containing Cubix's signature on them. From the spikes to the collapsed ground, Cubix's exact position would be a difficult find while he was not visible and his energy was surging from various different positions all over the place.



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on Sun Feb 26, 2012 3:06 am


After hollis says 'not in character', cubix begins to speak as hollis continues to look around him, still upside down, gripping his sword with his body bent maintaining perfect balance. he watches as the pillars begin to crack and parallel lines run through them. Hollis doesn't know what is about to happen but he uses common sense to tell him it is going to be something involving the ground he stands on so he shunpos about one or two hundred feet into the air, still in the same position as before. Before the demon can even finish speaking, hundreds of thousands of spikes instantaneously shoot out of the ground and aim to impale him at great speed. He is not high enough to where they look like arrows coming at him but they do appear as long spears ready to skewer him. He shunpos another few meters above . As they come near him however, he notices that they are not all coming at the same time. the spikes from the higher pillars were closer to the ones from the slightly shorter pillars and so on and so forth. Hollis takes a deep breath as several pillars finally reach him. He shunpos downward to the later arriving pillars and the tip of his sword balances perfectly on it before his swings his legs over to the earlier arriving and therefore longer pillars to run up them and within the same second twist his body and swings his legs around while swinging his blade to slice through them, giving him a bit of room to 'free run' up the pillars as they ascend. Because of their great speed however, some of them manage to slice him and he is pierced through his right shoulder. As they continue to rise, hollis shunpos across a 5X5 area, just enough space for his body while slicing at the spikes tops thus making them flat. The spikes continue to rise but because that small area of spikes have been 'flattened at ther top. it doesn't hurt edwards when they make contact, although he still tries to avoid touching them completely. As this happens, the shinigamis eyes manage to catch a small glimpse of a body down below that is obviously cubix since no one else is here.

As hollis thinks how fun this whole thing is but how much easier it would be with his abilities, the towers of pillars suddenly crash into each other creating a massive explosion of brute force, rock and earth. Since his motion is already going upward, the blast fires hollis high into the air, putting much blunt force onto his back. Dust fills the air and hollis temporarily unable to move because his spine was hurt from the blast, falls to the ground from several hundred feet in the air. He manages to move at about 100 feet above the ground however and forms a bit of reishi beneath his back to slow his motion but he still crashes hard into the ground. A bit of blood begins to leak from the back of his haori as he shunpos several meters away from where he landed incase cubix heard his crash so that he does not know his location. Hollis breathes for a second or two before responding to what cubix said while trying to find him. He watches the ground, now assuming that the demons main power is earth manipulation.

"heheh..yeah. i hunt hollows and reap souls. but i dont seek power for my own personal growth..."

Hollis flips his sword backward so he is holding it in a reverse grip.

"I seek it so that i can have as much fun as humanly possible..."

hollis raises his spiritual pressure a bit and extends it to surround him in a sort of condensed sphere.

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on Sun Feb 26, 2012 9:50 pm


Dust. Dirt. It had spread out a ways slowly.
It had filled the air. It was scattered over a wide radius acting as blanket of concealment, but it was to be used for something else entirely. Hollis fell unto the ground and into this thick wall of dust. He would likely taste the dirt, smell the dust, and feel it running into his eyes wanting to do whatever it took to obscure his vision. It was a perfect shield, only this shield had it's own hidden edge within it.

When Hollis aimed to use Shunpo to get away from where he crashed, he would feel an incredible amount of resistance. As if the air were hard or if he were trying to run under water. The moment his Shunpo ceased the dust all around would harden, perfectly matching his frame, and would aim to bind him in place. As if the dust had become a finite number of arms and hands they held each and every portion of Hollis in place. They were strong, supporting each other with each and every particle of dust, and the dirt would move while trying to forcefully pull Hollis' hands behind his back.

Cubix' energy was everywhere. It was throughout the ground and in each and every small piece of sandy-dirt in the air. Hopefully, just maybe Hollis could blow it back with his spiritual pressure alone, however, if not, he would be bound and lifted into the air. If Hollis couldn't escape or withstand the strength of the dust that had surrounded him. If he were lifted he would be slammed back down, with enough power to crack the ground under him and, most likey, hurt quite a bit. A Captain should be able to take such a slam without breaking anything, unless spiritual fortification of his flesh and bone wasn't one of Hollis' strong points...

Cubix would Celer right where he knew Hollis was. How did he know? Well, that was another of Cubix's own special abilities. Cubix would have a massive hammer of hard stone in his hand and he'd, if Hollis were restricted in any way, attempt to smash the Shinigami sword arm just like that. Even if Hollis somehow freed himself from the sand that was all over and wanting to keep him down, his speed would likely still be affected by all of the dirt, dust, and particles in the air that were forcing the air density to become unnaturally thicker. Cubix would take that ace and use it to either swing down or swing horizontally at Hollis' arm while trying to not let his position easily found until the very moment before his attack.


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on Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:56 am


As hollis notices his shunpo seemed slower than usual as he continues to try and locate cubix. He immediately thinks about how he could use his shikai to easily track the clever demon but again decides against its use. He had not come here to prove his strength or win a fight. He came to gain raw power. Captain Edwards takes another step but as he does he feels his body suddenly being frozen in place. It is then he realizes the purpose of the pillars crashing, it was to create a perfect act of misdirection. The first thought of any skilled fighter would be that the pillars crashing was used to create the dust and therefore cover for cubix when really it was to activate its special ability without him even noticing. how very clever indeed. Hollis then releases the condensed sphere of rieatsu around him and it temporarily blows the dust in his immediate area away, however after several seconds it begins to creep back in.

~well now, this is a bit of a ..sticky situation im in...~

Hollis chuckles a bit to himself at the joke he made in his head.

"hmhmhahah..i'm punny.."

~lol, but seriously i should think of something fast. I could just keep exerting rieatsu but that would be a waste, even though i could keep it up for a while..hmmm.....~

One of Hollis's eyebrows raise as he finds a solution, albeit a somewhat half-hazard one. As his body begins to be lifted into the air, hollis squints his eyes and focuses all of his spiritual pressure in three areas. 50% of it goes to his two feet to keep him on the ground and the rest goes to his heck and collarbone area and right arm. He then forces his knees to bend a bit to put him in a somewhat sqauted position. His sword still in the reverse grip, hollis waits for cubixs' next move. he closes his eyes becoming extremely focused though he does not lose his normal smirk.

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on Mon Feb 27, 2012 8:26 am


Cubix appeared, seeming to materialize right out of the dust as if he had been transmuted before it. The black armored demon swung down his hammer of stone straight for that favored sword arm of Hollis'. He did so aiming for the shoulder, so it was a high right-to-left, baseball bat swing aiming to hurt Hollis as much as possible. Cubix wasn't stupid however. Appearing from under his specialized cover, he could see Hollis' at-the-ready stance.

Perhaps, I am going too easy? Yes. I obviously am, Cubix was absolutely certain that he was underestimating his opponent far too much. Attacking in volleys and using these underhanded tactics were likely going to be attempted to muscled through, weren't they? Well then...Cubix wasn't going to be as easy going as he had been.

The hammer swing went, though Cubix's own mind was racing. Attack. Attack. Attack. The words came out as fluctuating spouts of energy. Cubix's own Demonic energy was starting to run up. It was growing, as if the very first murmurs of an infants fetus' first heartbeat, and grew in intensity. Pound for pound-flare after flare-spark after spark; Hollis would stand before the receding tide and there was nothing but malevolence within its waves. Cubix's demonic energy was building fast, though at a consistent and patient pace as if it were charging up.

It was about time Cubix used his favored ability. The ability which would really physically test this Shinigami and would pay the Shinigami, more than full, for all that he gave him. The one and only ability Cubix believed that, at this point, would ensure that this Shinigami would be forced to gain his own power or die trying. There wasn't any point using Cubix's weakest ability on someone that was able to match it. That stance and that determination were enough to prove to Cubix that that ability was what he should have started off with at the get go. Cubix was impressed. He didn't use such an ability for anyone and, despite having little to no interest in this Shinigami at the start, he know felt a little anxious to see what the Shinigami could and would do. Cubix was honestly interested in just how big this Shinigami's steps were and if he would be able to travel the distance that he honestly believed, as Cubix could see in his expression, that he would.

Whether a good thing or a bad one, Cubix was motivated and pleased with Hollis. He was incited by how confident he was. Not only would he resist using his power, but he was still resolute in that thought even now. Such an action deserved praise. Cubix hadn't seen courage like this in an animal like him since, well, a long while. It truly wasn't arrogance in those eyes. It was simply courage.

"Rubix Quadrum" The words were said, though their meaning hidden behind Cubix's simple, still flowing, swing of his hammer for Hollis' arm. Hollis would likely have more than a little trouble countering or dealing with that hammer with his sword alone. He was managing to keep himself in place, pushing away and keeping the dust and dirt away, but Cubix was still having it move towards Hollis and still wanting to hold him down. Hollis should be alright if he had the concentration to force his weapon free, his feet to remain on the ground, and to keep that consistent flaring spiritual pressure pushing away the evil dust.


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on Tue Feb 28, 2012 7:36 am


Hollis continues to stance at the ready as he waits for cubix to come at him, managing to keep himself grounded and his right arm and neck movable. Suddenly, cubix materializes from out of the dust and swings for the shinigami's right shoulder with what appears to be some sort of blunt force object. Even though the demons' rieatsu is every where, hollis is able to sense him when he appears since his body gives off the most of this spiritual pressure. with surprising speed,Captain Edwards is able to bring his forearm around to block the hammer. the force of it pushes him back a bit, but his actual feet don't move since they are planted by spiritual pressure. Normally, an attack from such a large blunt object would have been more devastating against a meager sword but since hollis focused half of his spiritual pressure on his arm and most of his rieatsu into his weapon, it is fortified and much stronger. using this abnormally strengthened arm and sword, hollis pushes against cubix's weapon to try and send it back a bit, though still, the rest of his body remains trapped in place. Beads of sweat begin to drip down Hollis's soft face from a combination of the intense heat of hell and the strain that the dust is putting on his body, but he still keeps his trademark smirk and his eyes remain unmoved and soulless.

As this happens, the 5th squad captain can feel the demons' rieatsu slowly rising wave by wave. He grows suspicious of what is to happen next and when cubix utters, "Rubix Quadrum", it grows even more.

~rubix quadrum.. well if i remember my latin, quadrum means square. soo, rubix square as in , a rubix cube? great! iv'e cracked the code! but i still have no earthly clue as to what is going to happen, oh well~

All Hollis really knows is that cubix is probably about to use a different attack next, although figuring that out is no great feat. The shinigami decides to release the concentrated rieatsu and spiritual pressure from his arm and sword and lets it flow around his body, having it shoot out every several seconds just in case he needs to move since a new attack is likely to come his way.

word count: 392

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