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on Thu Feb 23, 2012 3:14 am


[[OoC: This is a closed thread. No on may post for roleplay. However, feel free to ask questions and comment your thoughts n.n. It is as the title describes. It is the story of Tomoko understanding the boundaries and fighting for her Bankai. I will put summaries at the end of each post so those who do not wish to read the full thing may just read the summary. I hope to roleplay out her Bankais weakness' and downfall as the story progresses. Ultimately, hopefully, ending in her tier up [though this won't be for awhile]. Hope you all enjoy reading this self adventure and exploration!]]

It is said, that the spirit of a shinigami's zanpakutou is an extension of themselves. From the way they think to the way they move to the power they wield. Some, to get in contact with their spirits, would use meditation. Once in their spiritual world they would go through a variation of fighting to gain control over their particular spirit. Masa and Tomoko were no different. However, the connection they shared was never one of fighting. To them what was the point of fighting one another when they valued in strength. Rather than Tomoko beating the answers out of the balance spirit; Masa was more cunning with her answers. Tomoko worked hard for the truths Masa held through hard mental and physical training both inside and outside her inner world, and if Masa felt she was not ready then she would not get the answers she sought. That was their agreement, Tomoko was truly at Masa's feet. For the spirit held greater power over her then most zanpaktou's did.

Tomoko Kokoru's zanpakutou was also known as "The Scaled Fates" suiting for a child who came from a family of seers. Do to Tomoko's abandonment of her family name, however, the name was mostly drawn from the "Yin" and "Yang" attacks Masa was known for. Forcing Tomo to balance her attacks of physical strength and riatsu or accept a dangerous fate of death. She was known for passing out often during her time at the shinigami acadamy when still learning the name of her techniques taking too much Yang, or over processing her Yin. There had been several occasions when Tomoko had been rushed to the fourth squadron due to the over exertion of her zanpakutou. Often, she would be made fun of for "not being able to control her sword" and she would remember the other kids taunting her for fearing her own blade. They never seemed to have her issue though so she mostly ignored them by concentrating on her meditation.

Today was no different as Tomoko sat in a full lotus position beneath the cheery blossom tree she tended to outside of her room. Her eyes closed with Masa laying across her lap and her hands placed on her knees pressing her thumb and pointer finger together. She made no sounds nor movement as she listened to the things around her traveling deep into her mind while the smell of the flowers filled her nose and the wind tossed her gray-touched hair. Calm soon pressed her mind as a tingle ran through her entire body and she was transported to her mind.

The place where Masa stayed was full of rock textures and soft flowing waters that never seemed to go anywhere but didn't remain stagnant. It was also covered with a fog that never seemed to go away. The place was very dark, but normally Tomo was greeted by the light of Yang; a bowl of white liquid that illuminated a radius as big as a mansion so it was not a problem for Tomoko to see. As far as the she was concerned though nothing existed outside of Yangs radius. Tomo had been thrown into the darkness when she had first learned Masa's name and was quick to learn that whatever hid in the darkness of "Yin" was not something she wished to meet. Tomoko believed it was Masa's Bankai that hid deep within Yang, and she feared it more than she could ever fear Masa. Now, years later and out of the acadamy, this fact remained the same. It is why she was happy with her current seat in the sixth squad. She was respected, but not asked to exceed her powers any further than what she had obtained. This didn't mean that she didn't seek guidance from Masa now and again.

One blue eye slowly peeked open as the sound of rushing water was disturbed by a footstep. A staff was quick to draw down on the top of her head with a loud "CRACK" sound. Tomoko's hands sprung to the wound on her head as she cringed in pain with tears forming under her closed eyes before she was able to say anything a delicate voice spoke to her and placed a gentle touching hand on top of hers, soothing the pain, "Keep your eyes closed, Tomoko, if you open them to the slightest sounds you will lose focus. You must envision me before I will appear. I am weak if I do not have your full attention" the voice said before removing it's hand from her head. Tomoko let out a soft annoyed sigh before answering.

"How can I feel and hear you if I have not fully envisioned your presence?" she asked, and a giggle was her response as Tomoko opened her eyes once more. In front of her stood a lanky woman about 5'7" with black hair matching her height. Her bangs were down over her eyes as normal hiding them from Tomoko, and the pale white of her skin gave a soft glow in Yang's light. On her wrist was a golden scale that had a moon on one side and a sun on the other. Often when Tomoko visited the sunny-side was always up. The few times she had come when the sun was down had been the only times she had been stuck in complete darkness. The only time Yin had full reign over the inner world. Masa, in Yin's darkness, took on a whole different persona while remaining the same spirit. Meaning, Masa was the same spirit, but polar opposite.

In the darkness, Masa held no form, and would often attack Tomo with speedy attacks or long ranged kido. This was all without warning, and with Tomoko blind to the darkness she had no idea where the attacks would be coming from. This is why she was happy it only happened every so often. Her mind was snapped back to the Masa in front of her with another smack on the head. In return for her pain Masa sighed as well mimicking the one from earlier.

"How are you ever going to defeat My Yin if you can't even handle my Yang?" Masa asked placing the stick she had been using to abuse Tomoko in her hand curling her fingers around it gently while she tilted her head slightly to the right. Masa's eyes, which were always hidden by her hair, examined Tomo's form head to toe as Tomoko rose to her full height which was a good five inches shorter than Masa herself. The look she held in them seemed worried, which is why Masa hid them outside of the fact she couldn't see at all. Tomoko was the only exception as Masa relied on Tomo as the Shinigami relied on her. Masa reached her hand out and placed it on Tomoko's cheek continuing, "You need not fear me, Tomo, you help me as I help you. That is the balance we keep. Without your eyes I can't see, without my power you can't fight "

Tomoko, seemingly angry at her words pulled her head up to face Masa, "How do I not fear a spirit that can easily kill me?" she asked her eyes squinting before she lowered her head again continuing as though the question was rhetorical because she already knew the answer, "I can barely control you in Shikai form. How do you possibly think I am ready for Bankai is beyond me. I don't want to be thrown into that darkness..." she protested like a child her arms around her stomach. Masa seemed to look down on the girl with pity before her brows pulled together in annoyance and she brought the stick down over her head one more time. The action caused Tomoko to recoil and put her hands back on her head in fists before growling, "Will you please stop hitting me! I thought we agreed no battling was necessary! I will listen until you think I am ready, and practice to become strong!"

Masa busted out into a loud laughter before talking in between her giggles, "This is well and true, and now that you have become strong, it is time for you to fully grasp the power that I hold. The reason you have only been able to handle shikai, is because you have not bothered to meet my other side. Good yang is always easier to master, it is the bad yin you must worry about. All dark things of balance are placed in Yin, and it is his time to show his face," her laughter grew almost maniacal as Masa tipped the white glow of Yang pouring it over into the water of the made-up world before it casted into darkness.

The white river of Yang seemingly transcended into a polar world as Tomoko put her hands over her mouth to deal with the motion sickness of being turned upside down, but remaining right-side up. In complete darkness Tomoko sat now as Masa's words echoed through her brain. What did she mean? she thought to herself as Yang pooled in the floor next to her giving only a soft radiant of light not nearly as strong as before. She could probably only see as far as 9x9 foot radius. Her eye's wandered around the radius trying to make sense of what just happened before a figure stepped into the light.

It was extremely large, close to an eight foot giant. On its back was a large circle that seemed to be balanced by two bowls of liquid. One black the other white. It held its hands together as though seemingly in peace, but it had another set that were bigger bulkier looking like they were ready to rip something apart. It had seemingly blind eyes but one in the middle of its forehead, but it appeared to be painted on rather than being an actual eye. It didn't have feet rather that it had legs that were fashioned out of metal with straight posts for the calves rather than ending in a foot. Tomoko was in complete awe at the creature. Seemingly male and female, strong and wise, right and wrong all at the same time. As she walked towards it another figure emerged from between its legs. The figure had long blond hair that covered its eyes, and its was lanky but seemingly more rough around the edges. She figured it was Masa.

"Masa?" she asked to confirm her theory. The answer she received was one she was not prepared for.

"Correct" the voice answered, but it was not feminine in anyway. The voice that spoke was guttural and course. A Male lifted his head with a smirk before vanishing rushing towards Tomoko with a black wakizashi blade drawn from his sleeve. Tomoko drew her own sword and parried the man attacking her. She stared at the delicate features hidden by the blonde hair. Her words were caught in her throat as she tried to ask questions, but the man continued to fiercely attack Tomoko with his blade pushing her back inch by inch as she blocked his swings,
"You will die if you don't fight back fool! Did that pushover teach you nothing?" he growled at her before jumping back away from her in front of the beast once more as it let out a loud almost disappointed roar and retreated back into the darkness.

In shock Tomoko's mouth hung open ever so slightly at what just happened she raised her brows with question holding up a finger, "What is going on?" she asked no one in particular as she ran through the possibilities of how this was possible as each zanpakutou was technically only suppose to have one soul. One blade.

"You're correct, we are only one soul" was her answer even though she never asked it out loud she didn't say anything in return before the man continued, "I am Yin. My sister whom you just left, Yang." Tomoko tilted her head ever so slightly in her confusion to the mans answer.

"Then who is Masa?" she asked looking around in the darkness to try and find the beast that had left only moments before, "It wasn't that thing, was it?" as she returned her eyes to the man who called himself Yin she was greeted with a fist to the face causing her to stumble backwards into the darkness and fall to her butt. She instantly felt a warm breath on her shoulders and in her hair as she panicked and crawled her way back into the light turning her eyes behind her to find nothing was there. She hated the darkness. Simply hated it.

Yin began to chuckle as she struggled to wrap her mind around everything he began to explain, "It seems you have been deceived. That creature is Masa, Balance. The entity of perfection between light and dark, feminine and masculine, strength and focus. Created up by the liquids of Yin, myself, and Yang, my sister and powered by "the Scale". We need all three components to become one, or "bankai" with one piece missing we do not work. Yang has had her claws into you for too long. It is about time you stop fearing yourself Tomoko so we can bring our three beings together and release ourselves to the world. Show them what it's really like to be different," the guttural sound of his voice had goose bumps raising on the back of her neck. Yin was overbearing, seemingly evil, and very pushy. Not like the kind hearted Yang.

Yin smiled at her before tilting his head at her thoughts, "Get use to it girly, cause that pool of light is about all there is left of Yang in this world. You're mine until you accept who you are" He began to laugh maniacally as he rushed at Tomoko once more slicing at her stomach only to be blocked by her blade and pushed back as Tomoko's breathing began to shake, "I will not allow someone so close-minded to control me let alone Masa. Why do you think your Yin always blows up before it can attack?" he laughed rushing at her again. The two go stroke for stroke for awhile until Tomoko jumped back and stared at him with wide eyes. She was not use to fighting her spirit. Yang had been so passive with her. Well she supposed that would happen with the spirits of balance. She had to remember that although she was fighting Masa, this was not Yang, and Yin would probably kill her. He began to laugh once more at her thoughts before nodding and rushing after her again. This time, however, instead of fighting she dropped her blade and held out her hands at his head on attack.

With a yell she caught the swing Yin made for her throat, and as her hands bled from the touch she ripped Yin to the ground with her and placing her dropped blade to his neck. Her eyes turned to slits as she stared down at him, "You are not Yang, but remember it was Yang who taught me. Light always moves out of the way for the dark to take over...but is not weaker than the darkness itself," she said before a blade pierced her stomach her eyes widened slightly as she looked down between herself and Yin. He had stabbed her directly in the stomach blood began to choke up in her throat.

"You are hardly Light, and need to be taught how to move when I am around. The only way you will win is if you abandon that idea that all your enemies will be as kind to you as you are to them. If you show mercy you will be killed. Use your brain. That is our balance!" he growled throwing her body off of him but keeping his blade.

Tomoko laid on the ground for a moment as she tried to figure out what his words meant, but for now she closed her eyes the pain in her stomach was radiating until finally she opened her eyes again. This time when she opened them the sun greeted her brightly and the wind caressed her cheeks and tossed her hair around with the petals of the cherry blossom that fell from the tree she sat beneath.

Her breath was still shaky as she moved her hand to her stomach that still ached as though she had actually been sliced open. Her hands also weren't bleeding, but she was sweating; as if she had actually been fighting in her state of meditation. Baby blue hues scanned around the area with wonder. She was still sitting outside her barracks, and everything was still calm. How was it she rose to this rank but still didn't know about how Masa actually worked. How could Yang fool her like that? Wasn't Yin suppose to be the one to trick? She lurched to the side and began to puke one hand still on her stomach while the other supported her upper body.

In her mind she felt a soft brushing of a white cat against her skull before it grinned at her and said, "This is only the beginning, Tomo, next time come in with your head on straight..." it purred out before Tomoko returned herself to a normal sitting position hanging her head in her hands. Why did it have to be so difficult? Why couldn't her spirit have been normal. After all of that, she felt like she was starting right at the beginning again, but she supposed there was no point into asking the question of why? Simply do. If Masa felt it was necessary, then she would fight her own zanpaktou until it listened to her.

[[Summery: Tomoko has discovered that the spirit she thought to be Masa all those years in the Acadamy had turned out to be "Yang" part of the equation that makes up "Masa" or Balance. In truth, she finds out that there are actually three entities made up to be the spirit. Yin, Yang, and "the Scale", a large uncharacterized metal beast plagued with four arms, two legs, and a balance weighted on it's back. Yang, seemingly finished with her part of the training turns the scales over to Yin, who furiously attacks Tomoko in her time of confusion. He tells her that she is halfway to full power, and to fully control Masa, she must control him as well, which explains why her Shikai is often difficult to control. He is on the path of her never reaching full power, but if Tomoko can figure out what makes Yin tick, by Yangs teachings. She may perhaps get that much closer to finding out her true power!]]

Word Count: 3,253

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