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on Wed Feb 15, 2012 2:35 am


Hado-94 Nameless
Incantation- Gods of death, unvail the blackened scythe of the damned and send the dogs of hell to oblivion.Show no mercy for their past and only give them punishment for the sinful nature of their present. Cast down the blade and end their eternity.
Effect- This hado spell is simple, yet quite powerful. Destructive, yet contained. As the incantation is completed, a masked reaper hidden under a cloak will fade into existance directly behind a target.This reaper is forged by the user's own reish, but visually appears like it's own form. Silently raising it's scythe, the reaper sends a swift slash down the target's back, the cutting power of it enough to slice with the strength of twenty high-powered strikes at once. As soon as that one single slash has been done, the reaper will fade.

Bakudo-94 Nameless
Incantation- Let thy blood fade to black, thy power turned to stone, and the mind turned to emptiness. The weight of your sins cast down upon you.Let final retribution devour your soul in the depths of steel. The end of your life marked in this moment.
Description: Upon casting the incantation, the user's spiritual energy will cast down a powerful weight upon the target's body. It essentially replicates the effect geenrated from one extremely powerful individual unleashing their power near a weaker foe. It will cause the target's moveemnts to be very slow and sluggish, their reaction time cutt back and the strength they are able to muster reduced highly while this is in effect. Though, this is only what the kidou mkes the target think, in a sense, making their body react as if the case were reality. This lasts two posts on a target of equal strength and one less for each tier stronger the target is than the user. Vice versa if the target is a lower tier.


on Wed Feb 15, 2012 3:48 am


They need a bit longer incantation and a way to escape like for example how ichigo got out the black coffin


on Wed Feb 15, 2012 6:21 am




on Wed Feb 15, 2012 7:02 am


Both of these are declined because they exceed the limits of what kidou can do.

Hadou 94 - This is declined because you are summoning something which alone is not within the range of kidou. If you changed it so that it did give off reiatsu(as all spells are your own reiatsu given shape) explained how fast the single slash takes to initiate, and give a better example of how much damage it would do based on the opponents power then this can be approved. For example, if a 3rd seat used this hadou on the captain commander it might cut him a little bit but the gap in powers is too high, it probably wouldn't be able to cut him in half.

Bakudo 94 - This is declined because spiritual pressure doesn't have weight, it is spiritual energy exerted as pressure. This spell steals the sovereignty of a targets reiatsu, this enters the domain of zanpakutou/hollow/fullbring powers. You can revise it so that it is your own reiatsu pressing down on them however. Doing so in a controlled spell would have a similar effect but once again please give the example of it's effects based on the idea that someone of equal rank was being hit.


Tazuma, Ichigo didn't "escape" Kurohitsugi. His reiatsu was so high at the time that even Aizen was incapable of sensing it. He stood on a whole separate plain of power. That being said look at what he does, he simply breaks the entire hadou. It would be a perfect example if someone tried the bakudo I just declined on someone 8 ranks higher than them. The target would be so strong they would break the kidou with a simple flick of the wrist.


on Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:52 am


I used the term escaped loosely I know why ichigo got out but I apprichate the explaination


on Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:56 am


I see you have a few key points, so I'll eleborate a bit. It isn't actually summoning a reaper. It is using reishi to forge a spiritual incarnation of somethin represenative of a reaper. The slash is very slow, quite easy to dodge if you can discover it is actually there, and even if you don't, you could dodge entirely on accident. The reaper doesn't chase. It's just one very powerful slash. Also, a third seat wouldn't be qable to use hado 94. Even in the kidou corps I don't think they could do so. Even a Vice Captain using kidou like that is a stretch. So the example can't even happen.Though, if you want a more accurate depiction, I could say it is equivilant to say..twenty strikes from the user's blade all delivered in one attack? Again, it is easy to dodge,a nd the key word by cutting peopel in half was the most. I'm not implying it will destroy everyone, but it could beat most people in that one strike. The reiatsu lacks any feel of it's own because it is being hidden by the caster's own spiritual power.

As for the bakudo- That is the point. It normally does not have weight. This spell alters it so it does. Debateable it is a space kidou, which usually end up as forbidden for their ability. Now, if these stilll need altered, I'll do so. Just thought I'd explain a bit incase you missed the point of them. I tend to explain thingsinaccurately when making things like this, which is an issue, and I am sorry for any inconveiniance it might have caused.


on Wed Feb 15, 2012 7:39 pm


A 3rd seat is perfectly capable of casting any level 90 spell it's power would merely be far weaker than say a capatains. Kidou difficulty is based on reiatsu control not the size of your reiryoku. At any rate your logic with the hadou doesn't make any sense

"The reiatsu lacks any feel of it's own because it is being hidden by the caster's own spiritual power."

The spell itself is made up of the users reiatsu, so how are they hiding a mass of their reiatsu with their reiryoku? Even if I let out a burst of reiatsu right after casting this spell anyone who isn't like Ichigo would be able to sense another source appear behind them.

As for the Bakudo please read my second point, you are stealing the targets sovereignty over their own power. That was one of the Espada's powers so it isn't fair if we let a mere spell have the same capabilities. Now looking back your description has this ability targeting reiryoku, not reiatsu. That is even more godmod as you are targeting the very power that swells up from within their soul sleep before it's even exherted into the ourside would as pressure. Sorry but space kidou or not, you will not be allowed to steal to sovereignty of someones own reiryoku or reiatsu from them. If you want that power make a Zommari app or create an new character with sovereignty powers.


on Thu Feb 16, 2012 2:32 am


Ok, tell ya what. I'll make thsi easier and just rework the bakudo entirely. I'm still using the same overall goal of the bakudo's creation, but I'll change how it's done. As for the hado, I'll just edit that accordingly.


on Thu Feb 16, 2012 5:22 am


Making someones blood and organs thicker would kill them. I get that you
want to make your targets feel weight and slow them down. That alone is
fair but kidou will not be allowed to alter your opponents physical or
spiritual make up. I already gave you a method to accomplish your end

Tenju Ichiken wrote: You can revise it so that it is your own reiatsu pressing down on them however. Doing so in a controlled spell would have a similar effect

It would essentially be a high level version of the Geki spell. Also drop the turns it binds you to 2 of someone at equal strength.


on Thu Feb 16, 2012 5:30 am


There, changed it. Since you didn't mention the hado, I'm assuming that means it is fine now?

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