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on Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:16 am


Inspecting his useless arm Veloz began laughing his laugh echoed with the power he had been gaining in this fight, Finally! You arrogant hollow finally begin to challenge me! as his laughing continued Veloz began dashing in a zig-zag rushing towards the closest of the 2 wounded Adjuchas which had turned in time to block Veloz's strike with his remaining talons. As the hollow did so it skid backwards slightly before going on the offensive as it swung its blade like arm at Veloz's neck, as the hollow's arm came closer Veloz sonido'd just out of its reach before counter attacking with his tail.

With the lash of his tail Veloz aimed to trip the Adjuchas which he succeeded to do, the hollow fell to the ground as it had begun charging a cero. The sudden jolt of impact caused the hollow to lose concentration which in turn caused it to overload the cero inbetween itself and Veloz, the explosion caused killed the hollow and burnt Veloz further. This enraged Veloz he was actually starting to get hurt by these hollow, although the fight had been going on for a while now, in his enraged state Veloz let loose his reiatsu kicking up a large squall of sand around him. The fight had now gone from being about the hunt and Veloz's evolution to being about his pride, he'd be damned before he allowed himself defeat at the hands of these foolish hollow.

Veloz lashed forth in a speed faster than his normal, in a split second Veloz was upon the next piece of prey slicing its mask down the center with his talons. As the hollow began to dissipate Veloz snatched half its mask in his mouth and swallowed it sparking yet another rise in his reiatsu, this kicked in his regen once again as the burns and missing arm began to heal.

Word count: 314


on Sun Feb 12, 2012 10:26 am


Looking forward I see the rhino hollow has not backed down"foolish of you arrogent thing face this then. Terror wave!" I smash the ground with my zanpacto causing a massive wave of reiatsu and earth to surge forward and strike the hollow. Moving back due to the attack the hollow is getting ground down by the sand and burnt by my,intence reiatsu. little more then its quivering torso was left from the impact and my reiatsu burning it up.

Looking at the damage I have done"it looks like the white stains will turn black from the blood we will cause them to shed veloz."


on Sun Feb 12, 2012 1:59 pm


Now with four of his original nine foe left Veloz let out a triumphant roar, he was sure that his next kill would spark his evolution.. he could feel it in his core. The only wounded hollow of the four charged Veloz, enraged by the fact that its opponent never seemed to go down no matter what. As the hollow charged Veloz they each leap't at each other talon vs claws, both Veloz and the hollow managed to puncture each other with their talon/claws as they did so Veloz snapped forward with his jaw ripping a chunk of the hollows shoulder out before ripping his talons up through the hollows other shoulder with a sickening rip.

Veloz's reiatsu began spiking once again further than any other time, he was enveloped in a great whirlwind of his dark blue and gold reiatsu, large chunks off earth began lifting into the air before being crushed by the still rising reiatsu. As the reiastu died down Veloz's body could be seen covered in a white-ish light, his jaw open in a soundless roar. Once the light began dying down Veloz's new body could be seen, he still had a reptilian appearance, but now has plate like hierro gauntlets and shoulder armor.

Vasto Lorde:

As soon as the light enveloping Veloz left his body he took a quick moment to look over his new form, he enjoyed its appearance and the new found power this form held. Vanishing in a flash of sonido Veloz finished the hollow he had torn the shoulder from before it even had the chance to react. With a victorious roar Veloz lurched forward using his bladed gauntlet as a weapon, driving it into the mask of the nearest Adjuchas splitting its mask. Ahahahaha! The power.. it feels so amazing!

Word count: 299


on Sun Feb 12, 2012 2:10 pm


The bright light bathed my back causing me to turn around to see veloz standing,in a reiatsu whirlwind. As the reiatsu died down I saw veloz has evolved into a vasto lorde. A smile creeps across my face knowing that his power is overwhelming him. He now knows how power feels as he sent yet another hollow to it's death.

"enjoying yourself veloz?" I say as I jab my zanpacto through another hollows midsection twisting it and ripping it from its body. I sonido to veloz's left side"now we wreak'em together!"


on Sun Feb 12, 2012 2:26 pm


How can I NOT enjoy this power Jack! finally I know how you felt when you evolved to this point that day so long ago.. Veloz began charging a cero at the tip of his finger, pointing it towards a mass of hollow flowing over the top of the sand hills. Releasing the cero(which packed more power than he was aware of) it blasted towards the hills, turning the sand it passed over into glass before reaching the mob and vaporizing them. Looking to his clawed hands Veloz surged reiatsu into them, his talons began growing to their old size as he enveloped his tail in reiatsu as well. Charging forward towards the 3 remaining foe Veloz loosed a rapid succession of strikes with his talons and tail against the first of the 3, effectively destroying it.

Loosing a roar carrying his reiatsu Veloz detected hollow still swarming his and Jacks location, this put a large smile on his 'face' he would love testing out this new form before allowing Jack to rip his mask from his face. The 2 remaining Adjuchas foe charged Veloz at the same time trying to act as partners, they both swiped at Veloz which he blocked almost effortlessly, their claws just barely scratching Veloz's hierro.

With a blast of reiatsu the 2 adjuchas were forced back as more hollow joined the fray, the valley had now become an all out war between all hollow who entered it, with Jack and Veloz at the center of attention. Veloz began charging his specialty cero, this time over charging it to the size of a soccer ball, Wonder how this will go ahahaa! Throwing his tail forward Veloz released the cero as it cut a line through the numerous hollow in its way before erupting into a large explosion some 200m away, the winds kicked up blew past Veloz and Jack with verocity.

Word count: 313


on Sun Feb 12, 2012 2:36 pm



As veloz experenced his new found power I,watch just taking it all in. as he glassed a dune and destroied a group of hollows. I,hold out my hand palm up charging a grey cero over a dune I see a gillian round the dune."he dies as a,celebration,to,you veloz." The cero fires off my palm turning the gillian to dust in a reaction of my reiatsu.


on Sun Feb 12, 2012 2:53 pm



After Jack had blasted a gillian with his own cero Veloz took a powerful leap into the air to stand above the valley, Veloz could now see the extent of hollow that the battle had drawn, even on the horizon Veloz could spot hollow moving towards the valley. Now Veloz knew even after his next step he'd have some fun toying with these pathetic hollow.

With a burst of speed Veloz was out of the air and infront of the two remaining adjuchas, laughing in their face, his laugh was like a primal snarl. The adjuchas lashed out with cero filled palms only to hit empty air as Veloz once again used sonido, this time appearing behind the two. With a slashing motion Veloz had dug the bladed side of his gauntlet into the first adjuchas's back before throwing it into the second one, this was followed up by Veloz's normal cero. The dark blue cero rocketed towards the two adjuchas that had just hit the ground, upon impact they were destroyed as a huge 45m radius began turning to glass from the intense energies.

As the two adjuchas were destroyed Veloz turned to Jack, a grin on his face. Jack it seems the foolish hollows still want too play. Veloz stepped forth as he awaited a fresh wave of foolish hollow to join him and jack in the center of the valley.

Word count: 233


on Sun Feb 12, 2012 3:16 pm


"allow the fools to rush to there demise " I plant my zanpacto into the sand. I hold up my hands and charge them with reiatsu. Glowing grey I rake them through the air causing streaks of the reiatsu to travel towards the oncoming hollow rush slicing several cleanly Into pieces. Taking in the fact that soon veloz will join me as an espada I can.t help but laugh"you have grown much from the little nonspeaking hollow I found veloz."


on Sun Feb 12, 2012 3:44 pm


That I have, I think its time to finish these lesser fools, after today all shall know the power of the newest addition to the espada!

Veloz charged into the swarm of hollow, his reiatsu forcing those who could not stand it into the ground. Once within the swarm Veloz began viciously attacking the hollow, using every aspect of his new body that he possibly could. Hollow were falling to the new Vasto's claws, gauntlets, tail and jaws. Charging a cero at the tip of his tail Veloz swung it horizontally once again forming a blade like cero that ripped into a group of the nearest hollow, those who couldnt dodge or withstand it were ripped in half their blood flowing into the sand.

His sense's going wild Veloz tore through hollow after hollow making his way along the base of the sand hills, when suddenly Veloz began sensing more high classed Adjuchas showing up. Veloz let out a terrible roar of power as a challenge to the newly arriving Adjuchas. The new Adjuchas roared back in challenge, 'what fools' Veloz thought before charging through the crowd towards the upper part of the sand hill, he wanted to take out these new Adjuchas and prove his new found strength.

Looking back Veloz saw Jack tearing apart his own share of the hollow with ease. Veloz then turned his attention back to the small group that was rushing him, these were the Adjuchas he had sensed. Rushing them he met their attacks with gauntlet and claws, ripping into their hierro and masks while their own attacks seemed to barely scratch the new Vasto. With glowing claws Veloz ripped into two of the adjuchas, tearing off an arm from each before bashing them away with his powerful tail.

Word count: 296


on Sun Feb 12, 2012 4:05 pm


Seeing the hollows I attacked falling dead I hear veloz roar andd a roar given in responce. I leap into the air cutting down hollows as I run along there heads making it to,veloz standing next to him I see several adjutas,class hollows moving towards us. Pulling my sword to me using my mind I catch it in my hand and use my deaths blast technique. A skull heaD appears on the edge of my sword as I swing it the skull attacks the groyp of hollows coming at us. Aiming for the center hollow the skull gets closer and closer. The target hollow jumps to avoid the blast only to have it follow it up. As it make contact an explosion of reiatsu and bone schrapnel rips the target hollow apart and wounds the few around it. The two closest are crippled by the explosion and fall behind the rest of the pack they are in

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