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on Fri Feb 10, 2012 10:04 am


As Veloz had become surrounded he heard Jack speak before the hollow around him were slaughtered, Jack then used sonido to kill the last one remaining in the circle. Tch... I could have dealt with them fine Jack. As Veloz had said this Jack had inched closer, more hollow were now flooding down the sand hills the reiatsu from the battle attracting more and more. This would be the place Veloz would soon evolve in, as a new round of hollow came close Veloz lunged forth talons and fangs aglow with reiatsu, he the burst into sonido appearing between four hollow. Lashing out with his technique quick strike all that could be heard from Veloz as he tore into the hollow around him was a loud snarl as Veloz began losing himself to his instincts.

Tearing into the freshly killed hollow Veloz's spiritual pressure rose once more, each kill and bite of flesh pushing him closer to his evolution. Once again hollow had attempted to surround Veloz before leaping at him as they did so he let out a roar, his reiatsu exploding around him through air-born hollow through the air into other hollow. Once again rushing into the fray Veloz began ripping and tearing at any hollow that was foolish enough to come near and try to attack him, he was nearly completely lost to his hunter instincts. Gathering reiatsu into his throat Veloz let out a massive roar causing the reiatsu collected to lash forth in the sound waves of his roar, this reiatsu amplified roar causing weaker hollow's masks to begin cracking.

Veloz began reaching out his senses once again sensing more and more hollow coming to the battlefield from all across Hueco Mundo attracted by the amounts of spiritual pressure being released. With a menacing laugh Veloz roared out to Jack, The fools keep swarming, what fools coming to their death voluntarily!

Word count: 316


on Fri Feb 10, 2012 10:54 pm


Seeing veloz get more and more enrapyured by the battle i quickly realize why...he was on the cusp of evolution.i remember when I,evolved and how it felt"veloz the key to evolution isn.t eating,it iscontrol of the instants that guide you. Accept the rage and control it. When you do you will evolve." I say to him as he rampages through some hollows.yet more pour over the sides of the dunes.

Hearing veloz's words I reply"yes what fools they are rushing to meet there end." I say laughing. As the wave of hollows get closer and closer I realize that they are only rushing to be food.the first hollow down the hill meets my blade across the mask shattering it and sending bits flying everywhere. "its time veloz. Feast and evolve here under the moon. Let all know that this night our pack preyed upon all who came to face us!" The battle had my body on full blast,i enjoied the carnage and terror the foolish felt as we ripped through them.


on Sat Feb 11, 2012 2:49 am


Once again Veloz began lashing out against the horde of hollow yet something was bugging him, where were all the Adjuchas class hollow? Theres no way everything here were only Gillian... Tch.. Where'd all the strong ones go? All I'm getting is these pathetic bastards! As Veloz finished his sentence he had finished slaying another small group of hollow, the kills coming easier than before. Thats when Veloz felt it, a decent sized group of hollow around his level were moving in raising their own spiritual pressure as they did so in a challeneg.

With shrill laughter Veloz stopped holding his own spiritual pressure in, the effect was immediate, a large number of lesser hollow that had been moving in on him were either sent rocketing through the air or annihilated on the spot. Now both Veloz and the new group of hollow roared out in a challenge too each other, as soon as this happened Veloz vanished from the spot he was standing in only to re-appear in the rear of the new group taking them by surprise. COME TO ME HOLLOW!! ALLOW ME TO FEAST!! Veloz roared out as he began fighting his way into these newer hollow, no lesser hollow tried to approach this group of Adjuchas as they broke into a large frenzy centered around Veloz himself.

His instincts growing stronger Veloz tuned into them instead of allowing them to wash over him, almost immediately he noticed the change in his senses, he could now pinpoint which of the hollow were truly stronger than the rest. Suddenly as a large explosion of reiatsu occurred kicking up dust around Veloz and the group his was fighting in, once the dust had settled all that remained of the group were a slightly wounded Veloz and the 10 strongest Adjuchas from it. Satisfied with his new senses Veloz let out a hollow laugh before speaking to the 10 hollow around him, Come fools, allow me to feast on your flesh! Perhaps you shall have the glory to spark my evolution!

Word count: 339


on Sat Feb 11, 2012 4:56 am


Come fools, allow me to feast on your flesh! Perhaps you shall have the glory to spark my evolution! I,what,i could hear over my thoughts of how easy it would be for me to end a group of,lesser hollows. Seeing ten hollows surround veloz I quickly smile"time to,try this out." A large blast of grey reiatsu comes out of my armored right arm using the blast to gain speed I dash towards one of the ten slash it with my sword severing it at it's waist looking,at veloz"its better odds now." Landing on the other side I stare all the nine hollows down"you should worry about him." I say pointing to,veloz


on Sat Feb 11, 2012 5:54 am


Veloz cocked his head in Jack's direction as he came 'rushing' in using a burst of reiatsu, slashing one of the 10 Adjuchas with his sword before saying it was even odd's now. Tch.. Not even close my friend, of course they.. Veloz pointed his tail towards the hollow's charging his signature Cero before continuing on, don't seem to realize it, plus I'm too prideful to allow weak Adjuchas like these to kill me.

While Veloz had said the last part Jack had also made the hollow once again aware of Veloz, much to Veloz's own amusement they each rushed at him their own cero's aglow. This thrilled Veloz he would finally have a real test of his cero, charging it beyond what he normally would Veloz lashed his tail forward releasing the soccerball sized cero. The 9 Adjuchas reacted firing their own cero's which collided with Veloz's own in a large explosion throwing the 10(Adjuchas & Veloz) of them back 50m before recovering.

Pushing himself up off the sand Veloz quickly checked himself over, he was burned... and missing his left arm, claimed by the explosion. Each of the 9 Adjuchas were in a similar if not worse condition than Veloz, each missing a limb or worse, they began to pick themselves up off the ground as Veloz burst into a sonido in their direction as his arm began to regrow slowly. Lunging at the closest Adjuchas Veloz lashed out with his remaining claw piercing it's shoulder, before the hollow could react Veloz had clamped his jaw around the hollows head before roughly biting down as he tore his own head away.

The other 8 were at least smart enough to take that moment to try an surround Veloz once again, 'tch, not this time' Veloz sonido'd in a rapid zig-zag between two of the hollow lashing out at both with his talons, each time ripping a small piece from the hollows mask. Once out of the surrounding ring of hollow Veloz made quick work of the 2 small fragments, his spiritual pressure began pushing the other hollow to the ground as it spiked higher than before causing his arm to regrow rapidly. Looking over at Jack for a moment Veloz spoke up So Jack my friend, how should we deal with these fools? He look back upon the hollow as the began rushing towards him once again.

Word count: 393

[[ooc: so I'm thinking about 6-7 more posts before Veloz evolves, then about 4-5 after that(testin new body etc lol) Veloz can ask jack to rip his mask off? Then end of teh thread??]]


on Sun Feb 12, 2012 1:51 am


Ooc sounds good to me dude
How should I deal with them such a question made me laugh slightly before looking at veloz"like,you are on the verge of evolvution veloz thats how." The hollows before veloz were lost now bo longer viable to join the vaste lorde class. May be they can become fraction one day I think,to my self. "you all are lost now being fed upon. If you chose to stay you are all chosing death." Moving with sonado to veloiz's side"if they chose to attack us then they truely are lost."

I hold my sword out before me. Both hand placed on the hilt smiling at them knowing that I could finish this in a second but veloz was starting to enjoy himself killing and eating"rip em up veloz."


on Sun Feb 12, 2012 8:47 am


The 8 remaining Adjuchas continue to charge towards Veloz and Jack and at the same time another large mob of gillian and adjuchas class hollow came charging down both sides of the valley. Noticing this Veloz let out a joyful roar before his body was cloaked in a midnight blue/gold blast of reiatsu, as soon as his reiatsu finished coating him Veloz lunched at the 8 Adjuchas striking out with shocking speed. Veloz had combined his technique quick strike with his sonido, he was now lashing out at each Adjuchas in turn using his sharp teeth, tail and talons. Each Adjuchas now sported an added injury after this attack, mostly talon and teeth wounds, they each began fighting back using their own abilities while Veloz did his best to dodge or take as little damage as possible.

Veloz was doing a great job of taking minimal damage until one Adjuchas sent 3 blades of reiatsu at him from its own claws, Veloz took the blades to the ribs and was blasted back bleeding from the new wounds. The Adjuchas that had hit him was now creeping forward eager for its prize, the others began backing away noticing a rise in Veloz's reiatsu that his new victim did not notice. As the Adjuchas came closer Veloz lashed out at the Adjuchas now leaning over him, clamping the hollows arm in his jaw before tearing it off and eating it. The Adjuchas let out a wounded bellow before backing away from Veloz as the others now began closing in, they first made quick work of the wounded Adjuchas before making way towards the now rising Veloz.

Veloz felt great, once again re-energized by the surge of reiatsu from devouring the hollows arm. Ahaha! This is great, I want more! Feed me until I evolve fools! With a intense roar Veloz charged forth talons outstretched and met with the first of 7 remaining important opponents, the lesser hollows were now closing in on the fighting group disregarding their fear in order to try and sate their hunger. Veloz saw the hollows closing in and paid them no mind, he was focused on the task infront of him, devour the remaining 7 high classed Adjuchas before moving on to the lesser fools.

Word count: 374


on Sun Feb 12, 2012 9:35 am


Seeing veloz injured filled me with a rage. Allowing him to finish off the small pack was a honor issue one that I would not rob from him. The packs of weaker hollows were a different story all together. Sering a group of five gillians class trying to sneak attack veloz I turn sharply and after a quick sonido I try a new idea"bala barrage." I say while throwing twenty quick sharp air punches each however was a bala motion. The highly compressed reiatsu ripped through the five literslly shreding them as the came forward"hupf not worth my time." I say as I slash the sand before my feet. "the next fool crosses this line battles me!" I announce.


on Sun Feb 12, 2012 9:53 am


Feeling Jack's reiatsu rise Veloz laughed to himself knowing some poor hollow just ate it, before he turned onto his 7 prey and launched himself at them once again as he began charging his signature Cero, but a smaller version of it. Landing on the ground within the 7 hollow Veloz spun lashing out at each one with his talons as he finished charging his Cero, once it was charged Veloz slashed his tail infront of him forcing the cero into a thin blade like appearance as he released it. Upon release the odd cero shot forth hitting 2 of the hollow immediately, causing a large explosion throwing the small group of fighters back although Veloz remained standing as he began feasting upon the two who were unfortunate enough to be hit by Veloz's new experiment. As the 5 remaining Adjuchas struggled to stand they could feel Veloz's reiatsu surge once again as a dark blue/gold whirlwind started up around him.

As the whirlwind calmed Veloz was standing there wounds beginning to heal slowly, he launched himself forward from where he stood closing in on his 5 remaining prey. Each Adjuchas had a cero charged at the tip of whatever appendage they had used to point at him, with a buzz Veloz vanished at the first 2 cero were released and appeared behind the two who had fired thrashing them with his tail. The next 3 were fired in close proximation, Veloz had not the time to fully dodge as the attacks engulfed his left side and the two he had just hit. With a pain filled roar Veloz sonido'd away from the 5 Adjuchas two of which had smoldering wounds in various places, Veloz himself sported a charred and useless left arm.

Word count: 286


on Sun Feb 12, 2012 10:16 am


Turning to inspect the reiatsu spike I have been feeling I see veloz get struck by three ceros and remain standinghis herro is getting stronger I think to myself as I turn back I see a large rhino like hollow crossing my line in the sand. Looking at,it"an adjutas coming to die at the hands of"black" jack huh. Very well." I hold my sword up and then slash it in front of me. Leaping into the air I slash its body several,time finally removing its horn with a powerful slash. Landing on the sand looking up at it"next attack I remove your head."

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