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on Wed Feb 08, 2012 11:02 am


The Hunter Enter's the Night

In Las Noches a hollow followed an Espada Renarcer, this hollow was of Adjuchas class, he stood slightly hunched over in his Raptor like form that was only slightly humanoid. The hollow had hands ending with long razor sharp black talons, his legs were the most human like though much stronger and larger. The mask the hollow wore was adorned with 7 black 'feathers' 3 hung between his eyes while it appeared that the other 4 drifted down his mask, the mask also had a light blue scale like appearance to it.

3rd Person

Once again in Las Noches Veloz had awaited the numbering of the newest Espada Renacer impatiently, he and Jack had planned on a hunter as soon as they returned only to be interrupted by an arrancar Veloz did not know. Veloz had decided to wait outside Las Noches for Jack instead of inside. He felt like looking at the moon while he waited, plus outside he felt he could expand his senses better.

As he reached his senses out across Hueco Mundo Veloz picked up a small number of reiatsu signatures, hollow or arrancar he was unsure but this triggered excitement in him. Slowly as he waited Veloz became more impatient wanting the hunt to begin. He could feel the adrenaline and instincts kicking in, Veloz's tail was now swishing around in the sand, his claws digging at the dirt.

Slowly his reiatsu began climbing pushing the sand away from him, he could now hear the others talking inside and figured things must be coming to a close soon. Channelling reiatsu into his throat Veloz let out a loud resonating roar into the sky of Hueco Mundo. This roar would soon resonate back to him notifying him to nearby hollow and the like. Awaiting the signature to return Veloz began pacing in the sand wondering what could be taking Jack so long, he had wanted to hunt as well for the first time in a while and Veloz didn’t want to miss the chance to hunt with his friend once again.

Word Count: 352


on Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:28 am


Gearing the roar go off from inside I instsntly know that veloz feels his time of evolution is closing in on him. I leave the tower walking outside,the moon silver and full welcomed me as if I was gone a long time. Looking down to veloz"so have you found a worthy prey veloz?"

Walking out into the sand I know his answer. He was to join the new espada worst then anyother potential. He also know where he ranks right bow but eight all though honorable as it is isn't good enough for a hunter such as veloz. I pull my sword making sure it is sound,sharp,and ready for any battle. I know now as an espada primera I am forbidden from entering my ressurection inside los nothes. That doesn't bother me. This isn't about me its about my packmate and tonight he will dine well

Looking back at veloz I can tell how he is pawing at the sand that he is ready to hunt."when you are ready take point and lead. I will back you up." All I can remember is that in the change he will no doubt be in a different form then this one I see now and when he choses to remove his mask,his for will change once again."i am almost going to miss this form your in veloz...i said almost."


on Thu Feb 09, 2012 3:09 am


As the resonating roar returned to Veloz he got a better picture of the small group of hollow his normal senses had picked up. It was a group of about 5-6 Adjuchas class hollow, at least one of which was as strong if not stronger than Veloz. Finally Veloz heard Jack approach before hearing him speak, Jack had asked if he had found worthy prey or not. Aye Jack I have found a group of 5-6 Adjuchas, at least one of them is equal with me if not stronger. Veloz ended his answer with a toothy grin and snarl.

As Jack spoke up once again Veloz already started to head out, taking point before the words escaped Jacks mouth. Veloz thought over his previous changes, they were different than most hollow's especially his change into a Menos years ago. Pushing the thoughts aside Veloz let out another roar, this one a challenge to all hollow who may hear it, Veloz hoped to gather more prey before encountering the small group of Adjuchas.

Digging his talons into the ground and raising his tail for balance Veloz took off at his fastest run, kicking up dust and sand behind him. Veloz knew he could go faster with Sonido but he enjoyed the thrill of the hunt more when he challenged himself, which was the way he gained his current speed after all. His talon's and tail were already glowing with his reiatsu in anticipation of the hunt, his instincts were now kicking in.

As he was running Veloz looked back, spotting Jack just behind him. He was glad to be hunting with his friend once again, they hadn't been on a proper hunt in a while now. Reaching out his sense's Veloz changed direction, now heading more to the east. The new course carrying them towards an area surrounded by large sand hills. These sand hills formed a sort of clearing where the small group of Adjuchas were staying. Veloz was sure by the time they arrived his challenge would be met, as he could already sense a few more hollow heading in his direction.

Word count: 353
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on Thu Feb 09, 2012 4:14 am


Before I could finish my question veloz was off,the anticipation of the hunt and most likely the kill pulled my packmate into an almost frenzy. I have to,run to catch up upon catching up with veloz maybe a step behind him. He lets out another roar. This roar I,know it's part challange and part lure to any hollow foolish enough to challenge him or I for that matter. Many a time has that roar lead to,some good meals for us
Veloz quickly charged direction and runs over a hill leading to a valley where a small group of adjutas hollows sat. We had the advantage as they had to fight up hill against us. My muscles ached for combat for a while now. This time I get to,indulge myself,in a sence" veloz,lets wreak em." The statement i've said before we pounce for sometime know. I knew veloz would enjoy the past referance. Even though I am something holy different then what I,was

Standing on top the hillside the moon,at our backs. I draw my sword and hold it too my side."straight on or should we flank them. What,do,you think veloz." The,time is now, I could feel his reiatsu dance. he truely does reveil in the hunt. We are kindred veloz and I part of the reason why we together are feared


on Thu Feb 09, 2012 4:43 am


Quickly reaching the valley the group of Adjuchas resided in Veloz and Jack took a position up hill, deciding on how to attack the group. As they were deciding Veloz also was reaching out his sense's once again to see if any hollow were planning to meet his challenge. On the edges of his sense's Veloz detected a few hollow moving towards them, although those hollow mostly like would show up after Veloz and Jack finish the small group infront of them.
"Veloz,lets wreak em." those words brought back memories from various hunts in Veloz and Jacks past. Yes, lets wreak em.. I say we each take a side, although my goal is to take out the strong one first Veloz flicked his tail over his shoulder, it was pointing at a hollow near the center of the valley.

Taking to the right Veloz was already charging his Cero de Compresión, as he neared the base of the hill Veloz let the Cero fire into an open space in the center of the group. The blast generated would knock each hollow back and gain their attention. Spotting his target, which was now at the rear edge of the small group Veloz let out a loud bellow, this bellow unlike his roar matched the hunting call of a Velociraptor. Veloz was ready to begin the hunt. For the first time in a long time Veloz decided to use Sonido over his natural speed, to the weaker hollow of the group he would seem to vanish from the base of the sand hill and once again appear behind his target.

With reiatsu charged hit of his tail Veloz begun the fight, instinct almost completely taking over. Veloz's midnight blue and gold reiatsu was rapidly emanating from his body causing the sands beneath him too kick up. The Adjuchas that Veloz had chosen as his first target to a hit from his tail, launching it back a few feet before it decided to fight back. The Adjuchas lashed out with two pincer like claws, as it did so Veloz vanished with a buzz of Sonido before appearing atop the right claw/pincer, using his tail to keep balance.

Word count: 364


on Thu Feb 09, 2012 5:22 am


attack music:

Seeing veloz rush to the right I,decide to go down the center and break left.rushing down the hill I drag my sword down the sand dune kicking sand up in my wake. At the last second I sonido around to the most left hollow in the group.the buzz of my sonido echos as I disapper and promptly appear behind the hollow. I lift my sword and drop,it down into its right,shoulder wounding it gravely . The hollow next to him is thrown by veloz's cero. Taking the advantage I kick the hollow in its back feeling the spine shatter behind my powerful kick.

Looking at veloz I hold out my hand,my cero charged instantly. The cero is grey like ny reiatsu. Its pulsing with powerthats new I think to myself ."veloz,there are down down. Lets get to work and teach them not to ever enter our territory." Feeling the approching hollows getting closer and closer. I feel that I may have to,unleash some of my other techniques.


on Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:10 am


Responding to Jack with a vicious laugh Veloz leapt off the clawed arm of the arrancar infront of him as it tried to swipe at his legs with the other clawed arm. As he sailed over the hollow Veloz thrashed out with his tail, missing the arrancars mask and instead hitting the right shoulder with a sickening snapping noise as the Adjuchas's arm went limp. The Adjuchas stumbled forward as Veloz landed behind it, spotting the advantage Veloz went to lash out with his talons when a second Adjuchas appeared infront of him with the buzz of sonido.

Excited by the added challenge the Adjuchas in the area, Jack and the approaching hollow felt a sharp rise in the reiatsu Veloz was releasing. When the new Adjuchas opponents eyes fell onto Veloz's form once again it was met with a whirlwind of midnight blue and gold reiatsu, suddenly the whirlwind separated and Veloz was scene bursting forth from it, talons extended. This caught the fresh opponent off guard, allowing Veloz to end its life in a crude fashion. Veloz had dug his talons into the face&mask of the Adjuchas before ripping its head apart.

As he lashed his tail out at his first opponent it turned to him, weapon in hand slashing diagonally at him. The slash connected with Veloz's tail, digging into it but not stopping it. The Adjuchas was thrown back by the hit as Veloz's blood dripped to the ground before the wound slowly began healing itself. Vanishing with a buzz Veloz appeared directly infront of the Adjuchas knocking its blade from its hand, the now defenseless Adjuchas tried to back away.

Veloz could now feel the hollow answering his earlier challenge nearing the valley and he didn't want to keep them waiting. Thus Veloz quickly ended his opponents life with a sickening snap of the neck, Veloz had coated his tail in reiatsu and bashed the Adjuchas in the throat breaking its neck. Quickly before moving to fight more Veloz snapped a piece of the fallen opponent into his jaws, eating it and a seperate piece from the previous Adjuchas as well.

Word count: 356


on Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:42 pm


With the dmsll small group of hollows dead and veliz feastimg to grow I quickly sense tge incoming hollows responding to veloz's challage. Knowing that the closest one is over the hill to my right I wait ubtil I see the top of its mask cresting before I let loose my cero.

the cero struck the oncoming hollow just under its neck,cleanly sepreating it from the flailing body under it"enjoy your meal veloz,here they come." I day to veloz as several hollows crest the hills around us at once."today is a good,day,for them to die. Don't you think veloz?"
With my zanpacto at the ready I stand with my packmate ready to end more lives this night


on Fri Feb 10, 2012 2:06 am


As his power spiked further as he devoured pieces of the slain Hollow, Veloz could feel the presence of more approaching, they had finally come to answer his challenge. Looking over to Jack as he releases his Cero Veloz smirked before loosing another roar. This roar was answered by the large group approaching, Veloz could hear a large number of them howl in answer.

"Today is a good,day,for them to die. Don't you think veloz?" Was all Veloz heard over the howl's of the hollow approaching. His simple answer was to gather the energy for another Cero de Compresión and reply with Aye it is. As Veloz finished replying several hollow crested the hills, with more still following them. As the hollow began flowing down the hills Veloz released his Cero de Compresión, hitting the lead hollow causing the midnight blue shell cero to explode before the golden core ripped through and expanded before blowing up just behind it.

As the golden core cero exploded fragments of hollow could be seen littering the area of the explosion, the hollow's that had been killed had no time to react. Veloz then charged in veering to the left before closing in on a hollow similar in size to himself, as Veloz approached the hollow roared its own challenge which Veloz gladly me. The two began circling each other snapping at limps with their teeth, and lashing out with claw and talon alike. Veloz was enjoying the fight with this hollow, neither using their reiatsu they kept tearing at each other, hollow's blood spraying from wounds on both Veloz and the hollow. As more hollow crested the hill the one Veloz was fighting shifted its attention leaving it open to an attack, Veloz coated his talons in reiatsu and ripped his way through its back before snapping his jaws on the hollows shoulder. Tearing his head back Veloz ripped a part of the hollows shoulder out, while this had happened other hollow began surrounding Veloz as his spiritual pressure spiked further.

Word count: 338


on Fri Feb 10, 2012 7:49 am


Seeing veloz getting surrounded I decide its time to get a little move serious. I plant my sword in the sand and hold my clawed hands up in a x formation. Reiatsu rushes the claws on my hands glowing grey with inteance reiatsu I speak"hey maybe you should worry now. Terror Claws!" Ranking my hands down six total slashes of reiatsu blast across the sands striking several hollows absoulty destroying two and mortally wounding three. Seeing the one survive"well what do ya think of that?! You survived I must have missed huh?" Saying this I grab my sword from the sand and with the buzz of sonido I am in front of it"no I got ya huh...yep sure did." I say while thrusting my blade into its chest and lifting it out through the head and mask.

Now closer to veloz I inch closer to him not letting any hollow between us"well you wanted to hunt lets wreak em!" I hold my sword in front of ne ready to,kill when attacked. They had no idea they were taking on in battle tge primera and soon to be espada truely foolish

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