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#1 Amaya Armeshia Nanashi on Wed Oct 19, 2011 12:25 am

Basic InformationName: Amaya Armeshia Nanashi
Age: 516 But she looks to be about 19
Division: 2nd
Looks: Amaya stands at 5,3’ with the weight of 132 on a scale but looking at her full figure, she would look to be around 115. The Change in numbers is purely based on the face that she really doesn’t show really any extra fat. Most of her weight is from her toned muscles. Alright, so her muscles are not bulky or anything but they are barely noticeable from a distance.

Her skin is a very fair flawless beside the fact of the burn on the left side of her neck. The burn scar reaches from the top of her neck down to her shoulder blade on the left side. Her burn reached down her back to her left shoulder blade around and up to her collarbone on the left side. Her burn also reached down her left arm to the end of her elbow, as it is a bit darker then her fair flawless skin.

Her hair is gorgeous Light lavender purple. For some reason this color stayed in her head even after her death but when she was human, just her under layers were light lavender. Therefore, when she woke up in this new world her hair changed to complete lavender purple. Her hair reaches all the way down to her waist. Some days her hair seems to get curly and others her hair is perfectly, flat as a board, straight. Most of the time her hair is straight as can be, which is excellent for Amaya as it will be easier to style it in the style she wants it for that day or time.

Amaya has many different styles that she could wear but she mainly wear four styles. Two, of the four styles, corresponds with her happy mood, one with her sad. The last of her hairstyles she wears is when she is not in the best of moods. When she is happy, she normally wears one of two main hairstyles. One is a simple ponytail that is normally secured with a long white ribbon that she ties into a bow as the ends always reaches to her shoulders. Her hair itself is in a high ponytail as the ends reached about an inch or two above her waist from being up takes some of the length away. She usually has her bangs parted to the left hanging them diagonally as move of the time they will cover her left eye and the left side of her neck from the front, which helps with her scar. Her other style is a simple rope braid where it is in one braid all the way down where at the end she ties and secures it with her ribbon as this hairstyles allows her hair to stay to her waist line. Her bangs are a big part of pulling off this style. She always parts them down the middle before pulling them behind her ears. She would then take some pins and pin the hair behind her ears to keep them out of her face. When Amaya is Angry or in a killing mood, she will pull her hair into an elegant messy bun at the top of her head as she included her bangs into the bun. By doing this, She did not have to worry about any hair getting into her face. When she is sad and depressed or whatever she will have it just plain down, she will have it brushed and everything she will not use her ribbon, which she will then tied her ribbon around her neck, just in case she would need it for a fight or mood change when and if, she remembers to. Her bangs were this style would be like her ponytail bang style to where the bangs will cover her left eye.

Amaya’s eyes range is shades from a deep trench ocean blue to an icy murderous blue. The Shade depends on her mood much like her hairstyle. For Amaya it is very rare to get her ticked off but it is somewhat easy to get her depressed. When she is happy, her eyes are two clear pools of sky blue water. If one were to look into their depths, they would easily get lost. Her eyes when she is happy just shine and brighten her looks and add to her bright personality. When it is time to battle or when the opportunity to allow her anger to run free. Her eyes lighten their shade to an Icy blue color; Her iris also will change to a bit darker color then that color around it. Her eyes in this mood tend to have a snake like feel to how they seem to watch their opponents’ every move. When she is sad, they changed to a deep trench ocean blue color. When they turn this color, it shows she saddens and her mood will show massively in this mood.

Amaya’s clothing isn’t much different then the normal usual uniform other then the fact that she cut into her shoulder material letting the skin be seen for many reasons. One reason is the fact of it allows her body to breathe, so she does not sweat so much when she is in battle or when she is not. Along with the slight change to her uniform, she fitted the torso more to her shape to help show her skinniness and for the fact that extra baggy material seems to get in her way sometimes so she made sure to slime down the sleeves as well some. Otherwise, her Uniform is the same in everything else
((working on the picture)
Rank: Captain

Stealth strike
Description: basically is where her speed increases by double as she strikes at the pressure points on her opponet on their uppoer body, disabiling them

Zanpaktou Information
Zanpaktou Name:
Suterusu hebi hadikazui
Zanpakutou Appearence: Amaya has a normal looking katana only difference about it is the fact that it is about two inches longer then a normal katana. Her guard is circular in looks as open closer inspection her guard has snakes intertwining each other to form a pattern just like a chain link fence. Her hit color is lavender since it seems that is her hair and her zanpakuto spirit; at the end of the hilt is a chain that hangs down about six inches with a silver bell at the end.

Shikai Appearence:When Amaya released her zanpakuto blade stays the same but the hilt extended to a good 20 feet of chain links coming together with a larger circular at the very end of the chain that she holds on to when she is using it as the end twists and attaches to her wrist. The chain is black and silver as when she is using ability, the chain will change to a dark purple.
Shikai Ability:Amaya's Shikai Ability is an Earth Manipulation type. Any part of her Shikai is capable of melding with the ground. When it has melded into the ground, she is capable of manipulating the earth by using techniques. These techniques can range from softening the ground, like quick sand, and all the way to moving the earth, creating objects from it and such. Her ability to manipulate earth is only possible as long as her Shikai is with the ground. If her Shikai is not with the ground, then it cannot manipulate the earth. The range of earth she can manipulate ranges for a 5-meter radius per rank in Zanpakuto Resonance

Bankai Appearence:the handle is a chain and on both sides is the blade in the pic:
Bankai Ability:Her blade drips of vemon from her blade the vemon is deadly depending on how long the vemon has been inside the victim, first comes paralyzation then illusions set in of the victims worse fears coming to life through there eyes.then slowly their organs began to slow to a stop. the spped of the vemon comes with every fourth post in the battle the vemon moves throught the system
Zanpaktou Release Phrase: Slither through the hard earth Hadokazui

Choose one of the following for each. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.

Kido/Ginto: intermediate

Background and Personality
Amaya use to be a normal girl when she was human, beside the fact of having a millionaire father that was never home and a mother that was too drunk to give a care. Amaya had five older brothers and one younger sister. She never had the 'perfect family'. Her brothers were proud business owners that she never got to see. She had to partically raise she sister all by herself, but with the help of a nanny.

Amaya then lost her sister at the age of 7 to a strange death of her going missing for about a day. Amaya had went searching for her worried finding her on the ground in an ally near their home. Amaya's younger sister was burnt by acid on the side of her head and her right shoulder was burned by an acid like substance. No one knew her murderer. Amaya was really hurt by the lost of her sister as one time she didnt come out of her room for a week. It took her six brothers to pick her up and bring her out of her room to attempt to get her to eat and back with them in reality. She was never the same after the death of her sister. She went ten years through school but she went from straight A honor student to a innocent girl among the rebel bad boys of the school. Most of them has pasts of no parents paying attention to them and such.
She had fun, hanging with them staying out till basically 5 in the morning. Her brother were of course the ones who worried about her and had attempted several times to get her back to her old self. She wasnt impressed by their efforts and many times just hid out among her friend's home. Not wanting to see any of her family even with the cities 'law enforcement' looking for her upon her brother's request.

Upon the running and hiding, horrible nightmares of her sister's death began to haunt her dreams. Most were of amaya running to the alley hearing her sister's scream of horror. Amaya would reach the Alley to find a monster like creature, her heart felt like it stoped in pure terror of what the monster looked like. it kinda resembled a frog but also a snake togather. There was a mask and a horrible roar. She just stood there in her dream in pure terror seeing her sister die by a swipe into a wall with some sort of green liquid. each moment amaya just screamed wanting to run to her sister, but something always stopps her. in every dream she looks down to see black ooze that keeps sucking her in. when the world around goes black. She awakes in sweat and with screams and tears.

Strange things began to happen right after the nightmares started she started seeing spirits of missing childern and other peopel that had died but never passed on. She tried avoiding them since she thought she was going crazy but everytime she saw a spirit, the monster from her dream would pop in her head. Amaya managed to avoid her family, the local law enforcement and the alley where her sister was killed. That was till the day of her death, She had no other choice but to go down the alley when she couldnt get passed a few of her brothers that had found a route she usually traveled. She ran into the beast himself, the very monster that haunted her dreams. It was real so all she dream was real, only instead of seeing her sister killed, she was in the spot light. Quickly she was killed as when her brothers found her, she had the same acid burns on her skin only around her left shoulder and neck as some got on her face. The last thing she remember seeing before everything went black was her sister's smiling face laughing happily.

Life as a Spirit:

Amaya woke up on one of the worse disticts in the spirit world where getting attacked is common. when she first walked around she had noticed peple where staring at her. She didnt notice that the thing they were staring at was the fact that she had lavander purple hair in a high ponytail, she found this by seeing her reflection in a puddle of water after getting pushed by some kids rushing past her. She also did not notice the burn like scar the coveed the left side of her neck going along her left side of the torso. it went over the right side of her cheast to the end of her ribs and to the end of her lower elbow of the left. she had a drop of acid under her eye to the left side that was in a shade of a tear drop as she found this ironic.

She soon found herself stealing food with a local gang of teens around her age that were alot like her. She was always the type where she wouldnt steal, but this time was different, she had nothing to her name at all beside the clothing on her back. The small gang she became part of called her lavender or purple, as a nickname due to her hair color. She didnt mind, atleast she wasnt alone and that she wasnt the only one having a hard time. Normaly she slept in an alley hidden in a pile of boxes, sometimes she slept in her friend's hideouts but she more feels that it is not best to get attached to anyone.

She soon was taken in by an elderly couple who found her sleeping in an alley. She at first didnt trust them but the smell of food and a warm bed made her decied to just trust them. So she did and it was a great option that she choose. The couple that found her was acturally from one of the more wealthy families of noble ranking, so she went from street trash to a nobelman's adopted daughter. She was given servant to attend to her but she dismissed them for the reason that she didnt want anyone depending on her.

The journey of being a shimigami

Amaya had a great life as a nobleman's adopted daughter, she gained private tutors while she was sent to the academy, making her fly from the bottom of her class to the top. She didnt have a hard time getting her zanpuckto, as for the spirit Hadikauzi, that was the hard part. She finally found her zanpuckto's spirit when she was in the sonna going into her spirit world, taming the bipolar spirit she had now her her partner.

Amaya had a few friends that had quickly turned to enemies ever since she came to the academy. They were friends till they found out about her past of who she was taken from practically having nothing to having all she wanted. This great transition confused her since she really didnt care for her family's wealth and power at all. She hated it because this family was just like the one that she had as a living human being.

One day at the academy she recieved a letter from an unknown writter on a pile of her books. She went to the location only to find herself in an ambush. She found three of her old friend, that became enemies and three just pain enemies, fully making six enemies. She knew that there was no fighting on school ground, but in the case of protecting herself, she had to break those rules. Sure she had gotten cut and bruised but she did manage to take on the six ambushers defeating them having to use her newly discovered shinkai right in the battle. She was so drained of energy she fell as everything went black she last remember falling into someone's arms.

She then woke up in the infermary seeing some of the teachers checking to see if she was alright and found a captain had checked in as when she was awaking he left the room. She listened to the headmaster angerlydiscuss about school rules. She had watched the tachers bicker infront of her about what dksciplinary action they were to take. Luckly none was taken on her part since they found it to be self defense.. which was true.

She graduated with the rest of her class on time as most where able to get high postions. She was a lower position to be starting out but as the years went on she moved up the seats; She became close to her captain as her captain was the captain she thought she had seen in her room. She learned alot of new things and found that her ultiment goal was to became the Captain of Division two. Upon being the fourth seat, she became close to the third seat. they were best friends and she learned alot of what she knows today. But their friendship didnt last long since his heart was not as pure as her own. He wanted power and he killed the lieutient of their division to get that source of power. He went after there captain but right before the killing blow was to be struck on their captain, she landed a killing blow using her shinkai. She felt horrible about everything that day cause in the end she had lost both her best friend and a great teacher in two lives.

Through a long wait it was decied that Amaya was to become the next Captain due to line of succession from the captain to the thrid seat being killed. there was rumors that she wanted to be captain and caused all it to happen, but that was a lie in itself. So ever since she has been a captain for a well ten years now. There isnt a day where she doesnt regret all the deaths of those around her and the deaths of those she had to kill over the years.

Personality:Amaya is considered a cold hearted captain who doesnt show much to no emotions to anyone. She has emotions yes, she just learned that allowing them to show will allow people to be killed. When someone is able to get past the cold ice walls she placed around her heart, she is really very kind and wise. She is one who will dive into the darkness of the world to help save another from falling victim to corruption and wanrting power 'only darkness can give.' In a way Amaya can be consider a mother bird in the fact of that she will protect all her memebers from having to fight battles they can not win. She is the type that will help with a problem no matter what it is and will not tolerate those who are disrespectful.

Role-play Sample:Time of day did not seem to matter for those who really have nothing that they need to do at the given time. Sure there was missions to do, training to get stronger to attempt to get to a higher ranking. Some of these were main priorities to those who wanted to gain respect. These were not priorities to one individual because these priorities were not the first thing on her mind. These will certainly be part of her day at some point but right now, the priority was to Awake and stay awake.

A pair to two sleepy blue eyes slowly opened then slowly closed several times. She yawned lightly before blinking faster only to pull the covers over her head purely from the warming light from the sun was shinning through the window in front of her, hurting her eyes. She stayed there for a few minutes, still like a statue on her side, the only movement was the inhaling and exhaling of air into and from her lungs that allowed her chest to rise and fall. It took her about five minutes before she sat up with her eyes, half closed. Amaya reached up her left arm stretching as a groan came along with the stretch. She looked around sighing as her right hand reached up touching her left shoulder where her burn scar was, this was a normal routine for her to feel the scar.

Silently she threw off the blankets while she got up from her bed. She folded her blankets neatly as her room really did not have much in it, as she tends to keep it that way. In a corner left of her window resting her zanpakuto leaning against the wall

“Hebi….”she whispered to herself. She got dressed making sure she had her uniform on right. She then took out her brush and two black ribbons. She held the ribbons in her mouth while she brushed her long lavender hair, which is the reason her squad calls her lavender most of the time instead of Amaya. Her hair reached to her waist when all the way down so it took her awhile to brush it smooth. Once she accomplished brushing all the rats and tangles in her hair, she brushed it into her usual ponytail. She removed one of the ribbons from her mouth before securing her ponytail with it. The Ribbons did their job well by securing the hair into its ponytail. She removed the last ribbon from her mouth, wrapping it around her neck, hiding most of the old burn scar that she had gotten from when she died.

Amaya took in some air and released it from her lungs. She then slowly stood up. She turned towards her zanpakuto. She lifted him up. The bell on the end sung its ringing song every time she moved her sword. She lightly took the blade before securing it safely to her belt, as she made sure it was easy to pull Hebi out and returning him to his sheath. “Well, lets see what today has in sort for us.” said Amaya to her zanpakuto as if it was an actual person that had been waiting for her to get ready so they could leave

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Good luck with your app

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Indeed let us know when your done.

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Tell us when it's done.

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Hurry to.

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I am almost done I just need to get the history on down to the end and the kido think is bugging me cause i am confused

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Whats bugging you about the kido?

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I am not sure what is that is confusing me, i looked at your kido creation section and more must be confused on what goes in what section, I need to read up on my bleach knowledge

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figured it out now for the dreaded history part along with the rp sample ugh.

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